My 13 year old ridgeback has a large tumor in her lung. Should I use contact along with the plasma? It's kind of hard with dogs and long programs so hoping just the plasma will do. What about the laser for a tumor?

I had a dog with tumor, I would make sure consuming an organic diet drinking distilled water. I would have dogs fingernail in remote and start rifing tumor frequencies with jwhealing on one remote and detox frequencies on other remote. I would probably do plasma treatments while dog is sleeping, hang the plasma tube above dog, of where it sleeps. I think I would also do 1-2 hour phanotron plasma sessions every other day.

it might be good to give dog colloidal silver also"We have had several instances where people and animals with cancer had the cancers disappear in a short period of time and in all those cases no chemo or radiation was used. The only thing used was fairly large amounts of ionic/colloidal silver taken daily. We also have an instance of a 13 year old dog that was opened by a veterinarian and immediately sewn up with the comment "this dog will be gone in a few weeks". The dog had lumps all over its body and the vet stated the dog had hemangioma sarcoma. The dog was given CS as drinking water only and within a few days the cancers disappeared. The dog resumed its normal life and the last we heard it was still going strong at age 15. We subsequently lost contact but this shows that the placebo effect was not part of the response in this animal."

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