I'm wondering if there's anyone who has adopted a plant based diet and dramatically reversed any types of illness in this group, and if not I think it would be an extremely helpful ally to experiment with. If so what has been your experience?

1. I was trained and worked for the late great Dr. Ann Wigmore (google more info) and I saw many recover from many diseases with plant-based diet of living foods. I think there are 2 important types of plant-based diets, organic and non-organic.

Plants are now gmo and are soaked with glyphosate and pesticides. If have any type of dis-ease consuming gmo pesticide - glyphosate (roundup) sprayed plants, Spooky2 can only do so much. Dosing body with the toxins while in recovery, like being on a merry go round to nowhere. I personally think its best to consume a plant based diet that is as organic as possible of greens, veges, fruits and nuts and other living food protocols (enzymes, flora).

If consuming dairy, meat (animals are fed gmos, glyposate sprayed foods), wheat (breads, bagels, pizza, spaghetti, beer), processed foods, gmo's, pesticides etc... No matter how much one rifes or plasmas ones body, one may never have recovery, because just re-dosing body with toxins re-causing the dis-ease. Many think that getting better is mind over matter, I think it is. One has to really want to get better.

Saying No! to ice cream, pizza's, bagels etc.. are one of lifes most enjoyable comfort foods and can be a challenge. The question is do want to be here, or be six feet under? Only we know the answer to that question, many check out because they just do not want to change.

Also I recommend manifesting an inexpensive mini-greenhouse and having in bedroom with grow lights for winter... and put a rubber mat under mini-greenhouse it to collect water if falls on floor by accident. I use one of these to grow wheat grass, sprouts, starter plants for garden outside etc... more info Amazon com: greenhouse http://bit.ly/mini-greenhouse ...if no room in bedroom have where close by and where it is sunny..the plants also purify the air, defuse emf's, and are high vibration keep in good mood, release depression.

2. Plants and vegetables that are stressed while they grow develop their own internal chemicals to fight off stress/disease, and it is this that fights off and alleviates issues in our body.

With the GMO plants, they are no longer stressed because they have been modified to resist the poisons that they use and the poisons do all the work, and thus no longer produce the beneficial chemicals that we would benefit from.

Also, our way of picking fruit and the like too early to ship and so called ripen on arrival also prevents the plant from generating the most beneficial chemicals we would benefit from for our health.

So while you apply frequencies to help recover health, adding nature's frequencies to the mix can only be a win win...

I'm sure you have heard of the term, "High Vibrational Food Sources" :)

Choice of food selection can directly affect the source of one's issue, and while Spooky2 can attempt to restore health, it doesn't do much good if we re-introduce an issue because we didn't change a key factor that may have contributed to the issue in the first place.

For more details, please check the link:

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