How long does it need to get rid of 20 years Lyme with Spooky2?

The Spooky2 worked immediately when I powered it up. At the moment I feel 100% better having lyme out of my system. Spooky2 worked as soon as I turned it on, and took about 6 months to feel like I was out of the woods and into the clear. The nausea attacks - herx's stopped happening so much.

My spooky pulse reverse lookups, there were tons of lyme names on it. Now when I do a spooky pulse session there are either no lyme names and or one or two. I am not surprised as I live in lyme country, here in Northern California. I am bit all the time by something. If someone kisses me that has lyme, another way to get it, lyme dog slobbers on me, get it that way, on and on, why lyme is such an epidemic.

Knowing I have something to defuse lyme out of brain and body, gives me so much peace of mind. I can now go hiking in woods, and not fear lyme ticks or lyme carrying mosquitoes etc... I run lyme frequencies for maintenance a few times a month, make sure lyme is not activating in my body some how.

I used to be bed ridden in pure pain, going to ER for organ failure problems every month, complete nightmare. Spooky2 has stopped the lyme termites from chewing away at my heart, brain, spinal system, dental, eyes ears, on and on, very grateful. I have not been ER for organ failure, since have had Spooky2, so that is a good sign. I had a blood test a few months ago, my Dr. looked at me aghast, and said it read 100% good, no problems. He was speechless for like five minutes, confused of why there were no red flags or problems in the report; usually my blood tests took like 1/2 hour tell me what was wrong!

Prayers for the millions suffering from this dis-ease, hopefully the words gets out to the lyme community about Spooky2 they can be free once again.

Theres are shared by our Spooky2 users, for more details, please check the link:

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  • Thank you Penny, Lyme is such a hideous disease and in Australia most doctors deny its existence. I have been battling this enemy and its many co-infections for many years and if I did not research myself would not be here.  After many consultations with medical doctors and NO diagnosis after years! I decided to treat myself by using saunas, colonics, foot detox machines, hyperbaric oxygen,c silver and bio-resonance.(not a recognised diagnostic method by the establishment) which finally diagnosed my Lyme and multiple co-infections,. Apart from the colonic equipment and the  Big Bio machine I purchased all these aids myself. This however became impossible and stressful with all the travelling and after thousands of $$$ my money was spent. Just when I had hit rock bottom and was exhausted trying to cure myself  I found out about Spooky2 and that I could do my own rife treatments.  I thank the people who care more about people than they do profits and I know God will bless them all for making these amazing machines affordable.  I am still learning and getting stronger, Lyme causes severe mental fog but thankfully I prayed and was led to Spooky2. Now one frequency at a time I believe that one day I will regain my health.  I have 4 generators and a GenX that I use. Thank you John and all involved in making these affordable machines available for folk like me. I tell everyone about these products and have set up2 family members  with their own S2 units.  Big hugs Gloria



  • I feel your suffering Gloria.  Canada is full of this plague too.  I am just about to buy a spooky....just trying to decide which one is easiest to use and good for lyme and mold and parasites.  Dr Jay Davidson( online lyme dr) says that Lyme can not be cured until parasites are removed because they harbour Lyme.  I have been using his mimosa pudica and formula 1 and in 2 weeks, I expelled 3 long worms!  

    I am just nervous about the spooky because I am afraid I wont know how to use it...I am not techy or familiar with electronics.  How long is each treatment.  I pray you have a speedy, not too herxy healing miracle,  God bless.


    And God bless you Penny for all the information you provide here...even if I don't understand half of it.  Stay healthy.



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