An elderly woman has a chronic ear infection (together with 5 others with long lasting sinusitis and cold flu ear infection).

Remote white
20 volt (2 weeks old nails. That why I choose 20v)
feathering 0.02% as is recommended (I would prefer sequential micro sweeps of 0.03% range)
Distance 0,0,20,120,120,130 km

I always love to see the remote working on a large distance. I keep being amazed if it works although the zero point field theory is sound and proven.

I should have done the detoxing program in another xm but I already wrapped all the nails in one and didn't bother to optimize it. So this is not optimal.

Lymphangitis (CAFL) p
Liver 1 (PROV)
Liver 2 (PROV)
Liver Function Balance (XTRA)
Liver Function Stimulate & Normalize (XTRA)
Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidneys and Liver (PROV)
Liver Function Stimulate & Normalize (XTRA)
Lymph System Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)
Adenoviridae Infections (KHZ) p
Adenoviridae Infections (XTRA) p
Adenovirus 1 (XTRA) p
Adenovirus 2nd (HC) p
Adenovirus 2nd (XTRA) p
Adenovirus 3rd (HC) p
Adenovirus 4th (HC) p
Adenovirus 5th (HC) p
Adenovirus (BIO) p
Adenovirus (CAFL) p
Adenovirus (HC) p
Adenovirus (VEGA) p
Inner Ear Inflammation (XTRA) p
Mucor Racemosus Secondary (CAFL) p
Mucor Racemosus Sinus (BIO) p
Mucor Racemosus (CAFL) p
Mucor Racemosus (VEGA) p
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL) p

Note that adeno virus freqs have overlap with other vira (like hsv family and flu's)
This list isn't complete of course. (as it simply can't be)
Anyways on 120 km distance: it was gone in 3 days without night treatment (00-7h). flu and sinusitis also improved a lot in the other persons so much that the remaining stuff was quite bearable (and able to go to work after a significant delay). Pain in lymphs was gone. Liver cleaning was very apparent in 3 from 3 I asked. Don't want to go in those details.

For more details, please check the link:

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