I had cancer since April 2016. Yesterday my cervical cancer was finally staged at IB2. I hope I can avoid all surgery, chemo and radiation and heal completely from cancer. Any advice on how to speed the process using my other 2 free generators?

1. Prescribing advice or treatments for cancer, only Dr.s by law are allowed to do this. Spooky2 members can write about what they may do or have done in this situation. I think if I had this cancer, one remote would be rifing for detox frequencies that looked relevant to my situation (while drinking one gallon distilled water per 24 hours, flush out toxins). I think I would run spooky pulse frequencies on the other remote.

2. Please look at getting your body alkaline, boosting your immune system to 100% in a very short time. Contact Keith R Smith in San Diego he cured himself of Leukaemia when he only had six months to live many years ago and has helped thousands of people worldwide with Cancer. He corrects the polarity of the body with high potency herbs. I think he even has a Spooky2 as well now.

3. "The Cure For All Cancers" by Dr Hulda Clarke ..there is a tincture that she had all of her cured clients drink once a day which cleared-up the infection(cancer). I buy this herbal tincture at Richards Health stores...it's called 'Fresh Green Blacl Walnut Wormwood Complex' made by NOW . This worked for me in clearing-up Prostate Cancer...in a matter of weeks.

Her suggestion is 4 to 5 drops...the bottle comes with a stopper. Dr Clarke talks about that dosage as well in response to why you ought to take this herbal and how much to take. I just squeeze the topper and the tiny glass vial fills about 3/4 full and I squirt that into water in the mornings on an empty stomach Simple and in expensive.

4. You might want to consider adding on GcMaf supplement to your protocol for fighting cancer. There are two sources that I know of:

And the other one is from Japan's Sansei-Mirai Clinic in Japan. They have oral ones and serum types. For cancer patients, both are administered. The serum is a injection type like insulin and it can be derived from human blood. I have a doctor friend here in Singapore who has gone to this clinic in Japan to withdraw her blood to produce the gcmaf serum and injected into her son who is autistic and saw very good improvements in speech and awareness. She also has clients using gcmaf for treatment of cancer when chemo was not helping much to reduce the cancer lumps and markers.

5. You have the right Spooky 2 kit. As well as the good points mentioned in other comments I would also consider: 1) Jim Humble Protocol 2000 using drops of MMS and MMS2 this is a 3 week course; the ClO2 generated steals electrons from the parasites leaving the gut flora unaffected. 2) Colloidal silver each day will help get your immune system back to where it should be. 3) prayer really helps. 4) drink structured water.

6. An alternative approach you may like to try is seeking a past life regression hypo therapist. I have heard that cancer can be the symptom of repressed anger, so that therapy may enable you to find the source and treat it.

For more details, please check the link:

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