My dog has an adenoma, which consists of a swelling under the skin the size of a grape on the left side of his anus. The vet does not think it is cancerous but is concerned that if it continues to grow internally that it will severely impact Yuma's abilit

1.; How to express your dogs anal glands.

2. You may wish to get some Distance Healing from practitioners offering free distance healing. online.

do a search for 'free distance healing'. These folks offer their services for free. be it: reiki, prayer, etc.

3. If you have another generator to dedicate to detox/lymph drain, then I would say yes go ahead and run that alongside the other programs. If just using one generator, I would choose a detox or lymph drain set that doesn't run much more than an hour and run that by itself once or twice a day. OR perhaps just run detox/lymph sets for a day every third day.

One well schooled person with radionics recommends running a lymph drain rate for 20 minutes (JUST 20 mins) twice a day. I am assuming that the idea is to not over stress the lymph system as other organ support rates are not to be used for more than 20 mins. I am translating this theory for your situation with Spooky. You may get better results using a more focused approach (using some sets one day, different sets another day, and detox on the third day). Not sure I have the best advice but it is what is coming to me to tell you.

4. 1). Stop feeding dog food. Especially non cooked meat.
Give the dog a place at your table and let him/her eat what you eat (if you eat healthy).

2). Dr. Hulda Clark protocol
I've helped dogs to cure completely with; Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, Cloves. You can get this in a capsule.
1 cap per 5 kg. daily for 4 weeks.

3). Buy a Zapper and tie\tape it to the place of the tumor.
They are cheap but do work perfect (with spooky and a dog is very difficult but continue to do the remote treatment with spooky)

4). Give the dog colloidal silver to drink in the evening.

p.s. these dogs were doomed by the vet after billing 1000,s and only got 2 months to live. Blood coming from the eyes and
many cancerous spot on the whole body.

Now Five years later, still running, full of life and very healthy....

For more details, please check the link:

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