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I have vagal schwannoma (X) that affects the cranial nerves IX, X, XI. It affects the vocal cord and soft palate, and my ability to talk. Could the EMF from Spooky do more harm? It is said that the position of my schawannoma is partly caused by EMF

I would definitely say so, there is enough evidence to say that mobile phones can cause cancer in the brain. A bioresonance scan of the brain would almost certainly confirm a decrease in energy levels after holding the mobile close to your ear and talking for say 10 minutes.

I would continue the protocol as Turmeric and ginger help reduce inflammation in the body as the precursor to most disease is inflammation. I would use lemon juice in lieu of bicarbonate, and use mahukah honey or a raw unprocessed honey.
If I was to include the lemon peel in the brew I would thoroughly wash the lemon peel.

I make a brew using Turmeric root and ginger root (fresher the better) lemon juice and black pepper. I peel, then slice and dice the turmeric and ginger, squeeze the juice of one lemon and place it all into a 2 litre/quart pot of boiling water, then add about 4 or more shakes of black pepper and stir it. Place a lid on the pot and let sit overnight. Drink say one cup a day and then eat the remains, nothing goes to waste. I found it takes about 2-3 weeks for the effects to kick in.

2.Add Shark liver oil + DMSO to your protocols.

3.I might add that I eat:
- cotton cheese/flax seed oil (Budwig diet)
- apricot seeds
- all organic food
- 99% raw food
- no meat/fish/eggs to eliminate IGF-1
- eat omega-3, B vitamin complex, magnesium, and other supplements.

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