My wife had Breast lumpectomy in 2004 for high grade invasive ductal carcinoma which was incompletely resected and extra radiation boost was applied. In 2013 orange discoloration and palpable tumors appeared in the area. Any suggestion for Angiosarcoma?

1. Your wife must be a fighter with a very strong will to survive after what she has been through so far.
How are you using Spooky - Plasma, contact and or Remote?
What programs have you tried so far and for what length of time?

Here are some other things to consider trying:
1. Doing Coffee enemas at least 3 times a day as recommended in the Gerson Cancer Therapy, do the colon first, then the liver;

2. Fruit Juice and vegetable juice as per the Gerson therapy. One 8 ounce glass of juice every hour during the day, organic fruit & vegetables if possible:- celery, beetroot, wheat grass, kale, carrots, apples, oranges, add other different colors of fruits as available, dark plums, etc.
You will need some guidance from a doctor who also does natural therapies.

I recommend that you get the Gerson Therapy handbook

To help slow down her cancer to buy some time consider alkalised water, measure the ph level of the urine and or saliva with test strips. It is not recommended to do this for an extended time as this will disrupt the stomach's acidity level and hence the extraction of nutrients.

3. Consider making lipsomal vitamin C using Acerola Cherry vitamin C, and a non soy lecithin. There are several ways to make this have a look at videos by Tony Pantallaresco

Also consider Tony Pantallaresco's cancer remedy

Tony Pantallaresco Cleaning + Juicing Dandelion and Parsley (Part 1 of 2)

4. I would suggest taking a wider view of the situation as frequencies may not overcome emotion energy or contaminates that continue to contribute to the dis-ease. The Emotion Code is discussed on the Forum and is just one method of balancing emotion energy blockages in the body. If there are amalgam fillings, mixed metals, or root canals in the mouth, these may needs to be addressed to eliminate constant poisoning of the body. There is a meridian system associated with the teeth (Google tooth meridian chart). Also look for continuous contaminates in the home or work (food, water, cleaning chemicals, pest control, etc.)

If bio-testing (ZYTO or similar) is available, it may give you information on what the highest intensity challenges are.

For me, its kind of a 'red alert' when people are doing the 'right' things but experiencing non improvement in condition or relapses. Sometimes that is a strong indication of a spiritual or emotional 'lesson' or 'block'. It can't hurt and it may help a lot to incorporate work on this level. The breast correlates to care for others.

Another thing that may be beneficial and not too expensive is SpectroChrome (color with light). If you search the forum, there is more info and I think I provided a link to get the book "Let There Be Light" for around $12.00. Color lenses can be obtained reasonably and a light can be manufactured cheaply. I have read more than one book on doctors who used radionics and color in their practices. Color was actually an integral part of the therapy. The "Let There Be Light" book is a fast track to using color.

A 'freebie' is this linked website where you watch a 23 minute powerpoint video. It is basically affirmations linked with music and numbers to re-align the body through the mind (or subconscious). I think it is amazing and I recommend it over and over. There is a PDF manual on the website that you can read if you want that explains how and why it works.....and it ties in with a lot of what you might come across here in these forums. Its:

As always, intuition is the best guide and whatever resonates is what I think should be investigated.

For more details, please check the link:

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