If frequencies are in the preset. I have the healing for Asthma for example after the preset frequencies, right? Or should I take an empty preset? Which preset do you prefer for a pulled muscle and which one for Asthma bronchial?

A preset can contain frequencies but it does not have to. In your case you would want to choose an empty preset (also called a shell preset), and then you would select your frequencies to run.

If you search for muscle and scroll down you will find a number of programs that could help you such as: Muscle healing stimulate; muscle growth and repair; muscle repair. For contact mode you could use these frequencies with the "Healing (Contact) - JW" Preset. For remote you could use "Healing (Remote) - JW".

For Asthma I would try this forum search to look for ideas:

If you want to go for it on your own there are a ton of frequencies when you search for Asthma. I'm not sure whether a healing or killing preset would be more beneficial. The presets are not strictly killing or healing per say... they can both heal & kill. I would try the above search and see what other people have done for Asthma, or else just go with your gut feel!

For more details, please check the link:

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