A friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year. Since then he's had radiation, operation to remove part of bowel and a bag fitted. Now he seems to be showing signs of all he's been through. I'm hoping Spooky can help but where to start?

1. I can offer a lot of hope. I too have a family member dealing with a similar situation ~ colon cancer stage iv. No radiation but chemo (8 rounds finished out of 12).

I use two generators. I ran the Terrain Protocol first on one generator [Note: check teeth for mercury ~ there is a thread somewhere here running Terrain without mercury if there are fillings] ~ takes about 10 days. I also ran a separate generator with items on Generator 1 below. After Terrain finished, I run detox frequencies listed under Generator 2 ~ all on remote and occasionally contact. His blood was going downhill after the first few rounds and then I slowly started figuring out which frequencies to use. His blood improved immediately and has remained 'stable.' [Knock on Wood].

I will do my best to give you what has been working for us. I run them 24/7. When I stop, the blood levels drop ~ so I don't.

Generator 1 ~ JW Healing Remote Preset
All the oxygen programs ~ oxygen, oxygenate cells, oxygenate
White blood cell production normalize
White blood cell stimulation
Lymphocytes stimulate
Red Blood Cell Production Normalize
Hemoglobin Normalize Production
Nerve Disorders & Neuropathy CAFL
[An anemia set would be helpful but I can't figure out which one. His anemia got worse when I tried them so I stopped.]

There are some good emotional ones to consider: Emotional Trauma, Emotional Acceptance, Emotional Balance, Emotional Ties to Diseases, Emotional Patterns Break, Emotional Patterns Break, Spiritual Well-being stimulate, Depression.

Generator 2 - JW Healing Remote Preset
Blood Cleasner
Detox 3 Toxins
Detox 4 Toxins
Detox Liver Kidneys Lymph Intestine
Blood Purify 1
[Note: I would add some radiation detox]

Nicola Hajdu has added some amazing frequencies into The Frequency Vault that are ideal for cancer. I just reorganized all of hers and need to test they work but I will post them if they do. I didn't change any of her work, just how they present themselves and how they can be added into the appropriate preset & waveform folders a little more easily. I will go through these in another post because they all must be run one preset at a time (unless a combo preset is made). I am a little new to Spooky so I will have to make sure someone checks these. I have only tried 3 on myself (two minerals and Vitamin B12) and can report that my urine turned a bright yellow afterwards and since I hadn't eaten, I have nothing else to attribute it too.

On top of this, we are doing the following:
To make blood:
1. Make bone broths. This makes sense as blood is made in the bones. I use them in as many foods as I can. Someone with their colon removed needs to have as much pureed, cooked foods as possible for months (do not go with what the hospital says) so I make soups (Stay away from dairy) and if I make rice, I use bone broth instead of water. Any kind of bones ~ cow and fish are excellent but anything is good. I cook with lots of mushrooms ~ mainly shitake (can be bought dry at asian stores) & maitake.

2. I use this nebulizer and put food grade hydrogen peroxide (but regular is ok) and have him inhale through mouth and nose (obviously not at the same time) a couple times a day. http://www.tmart.com/Portable-Ultrasonic-Nebulizer-Handheld-Respirator-Household-Medical-Atomizer-White_p263851.htm

Contacted this man and have been working with him: Dr. Albert Snow at GICure.com
Since the colon has been removed, so has the immune system so we needed guidance. This man charges a one time fee, you work with him over the phone and e-mail and he will stay helping you until everything is working or you get a full refund.

Here is the protocol we are using:
1. HLC High Potency Capsules 120 vegcaps ------take 2 capsules twice daily. (Keep refrigerated). These are human sourced probiotics that are required for the initial re-population. This is to be taken for 2 weeks after stopping the antibiotic. [Note: When colon has been removed, SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth) can occur = painful gas, loose bowels. Antibiotic was used in our case and helped tremendously. Dr. Snow said it is back and forth in the beginning trying to get the colon to repopulate itself and for the small intestine to take over some of the function of the large intestine.

2. VSL-3-----this is to be taken when you stop the HLC. Take at the recommended dosage.You will take this for at least 1 month.
These are also part of the protocol Dr. Snow is helping us with:

3. Colostrum LD ----take 2.5 tsp x 2. this is an excellent product & along with the probiotics is the building block of the treatment.
[Note: tried to make GcMAF with kefir grains and goat's milk but it caused too much GI distress for now.
4. AlphaLipoicAcid ~ 200 mg 2x/day
5. L-glutamine 4 gms 2x/day
6. Maitake ~ 1 gm 2x/day [Note: this is one of Nicola's frequencies]
7. Reishi ~ 1 gm 2x/day
8. Turmeric ~ I make an effective microbial. This product is similar to what I make: http://turbochargedturmeric.com/products/rest-easy/

Others things we are doing:
Essential oils ~ doTerra (can be taken internally)
1. Frankincense ~ 3 drops under/on tongue 2 - 3x/day
2. On Guard ~ a type of Thieves Oil ~ a drop or two on soles of feet am & pm

I also bought a used infrared dome on ebay ~ YS-50 Hothouse. This has been good for everyone. I love taking naps under it. Helps with wound site, cancer therapy, rest, detox, back pain... I highly recommend this.

We made booties and mitts for the hands and feet (you can also buy them premade) with these ACE (not Equate) reusable fabric ice packs (along with hard ones to keep these cold) and duct tape in an attempt to stave off neuropathy because of the chemo oxiplatin. While everyone reacts differently, he hasn't had any reactions to cold like opening fridge and cold foods on chemo week possibly because of this. The mitts and booties go on 20 minutes before oxiplatin and stay on 20 minutes after it finishes: https://jet.com/product/detail/a8dad45bb41f49e3a9a3500dab0db641?jcmp=pla:ggl:cwin_jd_health_beauty_a3:health_care_first_aid_hot_cold_therapies_a3_other:na:PLA_344687460_23650788780_pla-164350525020:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&ds_c=cwin_jd_health_beauty_a3&ds_cid=&ds_ag=health_care_first_aid_hot_cold_therapies_a3_other&product_id=a8dad45bb41f49e3a9a3500dab0db641&product_partition_id=164350525020&gclid=CNSzopr0q84CFYQ6gQod5uIGIA&gclsrc=aw.ds

Something to think about regarding colon cancer ~ the cause of it. In most cases, it takes about a decade to develop. There is a list of the top causes. Go through the main causes and figure out which ones were likely culprits and make adjustments where possible. Colon cancer is one of the few cancers that a person has direct influence over as they can change their diet plus bring in nutrition to heal. However, it takes a village to help the person heal and change. More than likely they won't make the change on their own. This is all too overwhelming.

Cancer loves sugar and this means carbohydrates. Stop as much as possible within reason especially processed foods. On this topic, during chemo treatment and the few days after, I have heard to eat carbs like potatoes, pasta to absorb some of the toxins. I only bring it up because I saw the effects of feeding crackers and pasta to someone on those (hallucinogenic) antibiotics and it made a huge difference absorbing the toxins from the antibiotics overloading the system. Make sure they are drinking a lot of water on chemo days and that whole week. Please make sure someone goes to chemo with them and makes sure none of their chemo get messed up. It happens. Breaks my heart when I see people sitting in there alone. Please go and read to them, sit with them, put the ice mitts and booties on them, remind them to drink and check they are receiving the right chemo, the right amounts.

I am a lay person who reads a lot. I'm no expert and so if there are any on board, please clear up anything that might steer someone wrong. I tried to go with the most efficacious protocols I could find.

2. I sensed he was over with chemo from what you wrote. Still... running Terrain and the blood frequencies and might help him process all the toxins in his body from the radiation and chemo. Take a look at his blood work. It will give you a good sense. Repopulating his colon with the good gut flora is very important since this gets wiped out and it might take a while to get it back working well depending on how much colon was removed.

Also, Nicola's frequencies can be added easily with the new upgrade. Before it took a bit of separating and my intention was to condense it all and make it simpler for people dealing with similar situations because it can be overwhelming. I am going to ask if she will be interesting to add to this thread. I will add the ones I think might be helpful when I find a moment.

3. Regarding, chemotherapy, ...there are two illusions which i want to destroy immediately. Illusion nr.1 - Chemo isn't a life supporting treatment but a destruction and poisoning of the body. The most common reason why cancer patients die after a long battle is because the chemo is weakening the body. How is the body supposed to drive repair and cell grow processes if pharmaceuticul "toxins" are interfering?

Not for nothing it is said, that pharmaceutical drugs are nutrient robbers. Nothing comes from nothing. The same is with a car, no fuel no gas, right? No electricity means no power for devices and so therefore if no Light (Sun/D3), No Oxygen (Oxidation stress for the cells), no B12/K2 (no proper circulation for the Metabolism) amongst other very important nutrients means NO basis to maintain a human's life and the clock starts ticking. That's how it is but that's how it hasn't to be. Solutions are there.

I will start with those solutions who are easy and fast to implement in the treatment. Depending on the availability of income you might be able to integrate it. As Spooky Central (a Cancer patient's best choice for faster success) is out of reach due financial issues, we need to look at the more affordable alternatives. Before i start to recommend a few nutrients, i want to underline the importance that your friends (if not already available) needs an Osmosis (Water filtering) system. There are cheap ones who do a great job too. I bought one for my Mum and gave it to her yesterday. It was a long battle of arguments because she did not like those filtering systems which require a complex installation below the sink in the kitchen nor did she want me to get her a table filter, which can rest on the table and just needs to be connected with the water tap, via a universal adapter.

A Sawyer Filter is too weak and can't filter most chemical additives such Heavy Metals or drug residues. The same is with a Shower filter. Furthermore, this kind of an - also autarkic - had to be her last available option. My stubbornness paid off and now she even is glad that she got her first acceptable Osmosis system, which will help her to increase the detoxification process. This is better than nothing and also better than something like Sawyer. It doesn't help much if we just filter out some bacilli and viruses including Parasites who themselves are not able to withstand with the toxiticy in the Cities sewer drainage systems, filled with chemical garbage. Dead ones release toxins and that's another trap in the "so-called" comfort zone.

Let's have a look on Illusion nr.2, the world of diseases. We believe in a cruel Nature, forgot about it's supportive qualities while accepting the indoctrinated knowledge, that chemical substances (which can't be metabolized by the body) may do the job. What the heck is wrong with humanity, incredible. The so-called diseases are a matter of wrong lifestyles, wrong diet, lack of nutrients and clean air/water, exacerbated by vaccination campaigns and pharmaceutical drugs. We don't need to be an army of walking zombies. Let's take self-responsibility, let's take control. Holistic Doctors are the right ones to approach but it makes sense to - at least- have some basic knowledge of how a Human body works. It makes it easier to communicate with a professional healer and helps to find out the culprit of the symptoms much faster. We are used and made to give off our own responsibility in every aspect of our life.

Conclusion: Disconnection of Nature, a weakened immune-system, Bio warfare and poisoning. If a immune system becomes weak and a gut out of balance while cell growth stopped the body isn't able to function properly and and can not distinguish between good and bad guys, so to speak and is loosing the ability to regenerate. With a sluggish blood circulation you not only get further problems in vicious circle as also a defective transporter of nutrients. They can't reach out a lot of bodies, because they get excreted before.

I thank Carrie for her contribution. The August release of Spooky2 has "Contact" presets for Cancer. Contact mode involves the usage of Accessories such Tens pads or the Hand cylinders, connected on the High Power Contact port on Boost 3.0. The Terrain, Morgellons & Lyme presets make sense too. There are substances which aren't yet in the database nor in the Spooky forum's frequency vault. I made an offer and suggestions to the Spooky team who weren't able to make any decisions yet, as the release of new hardware and rewriting the software has been consuming a lot of time & energy. This is why i stopped to release new presets. Also an issue with auto-updating already calculated frequencies has to be found but is possible. This is why i pause my research and posting efforts for the Frequency Vault and will continue my mission as soon as the future-proof conditions are achieved.

One of the substances that is missing on the list is L-carnitine. L-carnitine opens the cell mouth. That's what Spooky Central does too but those who can't afford it right now have to get L-carnitine. As the body depends not only on an oxygen but also nitrogen production, i would look for L-arginine too. L-arginine expands blood vessels and regulates blood circulation and blood pressure. I highlight it as much as i do with the Vitamins B12, K2, OPC (thinner blood flows better) and D3 (life energy awakes body, isn't in a teddy-bear sleeping state anymore). Regarding ATP therefore energy production I also want to spotlight on Q-10 and Cordyceps (a mushroom). Broccoraphan and Quercetin may be your friends as well because they are known to have a growth inhibitory influence on tumors.

Alpha lipoic acid can be very useful for those who are under or end Chemo. It can reduce the side-effects to a bearable minimum, is a powerful antioxidant too which can help you to get rid of Mercury and heavy metals as well. Last but not least Vitamin C is a must-have and regarding "radiation" I would also try Clay Bentonite for cleansing. Probiotic supplements are important to help to help the intestine to regulate its gut household. Only healthy intestinal mucosa can absorb the nutrients. So therefore think of lactobac frequencies or buy probiotic supplement of your choice.

I forgot to add that it is advised to turn off WiFi and Smartphone while sleeping (boosting Melatonin Production) and or during RIFE treatments (to speedup healing success). WiFi & Smartphone radiation means stress to the Cells. As you seem to have four Spooky Generators (guess you got the Spooky2 Advanced Kit) you have plenty options available.

I just give one of many options that came in my mind already, ....

Generator 1 can be reserved for Contact mode related sessions while Generator 2 Remote sessions with frequency sets/presets of your choice and Generator 3 and 4 do Sweeps or Terrain, Cancer and the Morgellons and Lyme Programs. When you get the recommended Nutrients your friend might be able to recover faster than expected. I would consider to consult and keep in touch with a Holistic Doc who does Blood tests each month.

And did the holistic Doc also recommend for Alpha lipoic acid during the rounds of Chemo you went through in the past? If not I'm questioning his/her recommendation for Chemotherapy. It might be true that sometimes, it is cheaper to try out chemical solutions but if the body isn't supplied with the basic nutrients it means that the Doc sent you to a risky task. Perhaps he/she was fresh with alternative views and had a School Med Science background. Many doctors have a need to REeducate themselves THANKS to BIG Pharma who are responsible for the gaps in their medical education. I guess this can't be an exaggeration or else why are many here and look for alternative ways to end their misery? I thank you for your contribution and I'm not angry with you but as you can tell, I'm not a big fan of substances that the body can not metabolize and I'm against chemo for good reasons. I probably wouldn't be a hardliner in my views towards School medicine, if they would finally learn from their mistakes and think of Nutrients & Mineralization as well. Looks like the Agenda doesn't allow any School Med Doc to freely act according to the situation and for the benefit of the patients.

For more details, please check the link:

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