My son has cirrhosis of the liver and liver failure not bad enough yet for a transplant, but very serious. I'm concerned about putting any further pressure on his liver. Are there any presets I can safely run that would help him?

1. Being an experimental device, I can only recommend how to operate the equipment. Since he appears to be sensitive, I recommend starting very slow with him. On remote mode, use an amplitude of 2-3 volts. If he Herx's, put in Herx in the search to find the detox for it. I have read people report the Headache Freq Set (though I do not know which one) eased a headache nearly immediately - Remote mode only as you do not put contacts above the neck level.

2. If he has a liver disease, his blood is probably already full of toxins, so I would pick sets that focus specifically on helping the liver heal or kill pathogens within the liver, if you know he has any... This mostly goes to the cause of the cirrhosis.

It looks like the "Cirrhosis of the Liver" set may be a general set to start with, but you have to make that call after reading the notes.

Also, it may help to add some kidney, skin, and/or lymph system assistance, so you are doing as much stimulation of the detox organs as possible before setting actual detox sets and have cells dumping more toxin into the blood.

For more details, please check:

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