I would like guidance for frequencies to use for skin cancer.

1. Cancer sufferers I believe can only benefit from a multi pronged approach.

We successfully cured 2 skin cancers on my dad's ear and chest with black salve - blood root- this native to your country- America.
It works by basically chemically peeling the upperlayer of the epidermis and even dermis - and stimulates new skin.
It burns like anything and then makes what looks like a festering sore and then after about a week - beautiful new healthy skin.

2. As I read that, you aren't even certain it is cancer but, you are guessing it is.
It could be any number of other issues, like eczema,or fungus or a mold infection.
Have a lab test performed to find out what exactly you are dealing with.

I caught a nasty skin issue when I was a manager of a Oreck Vacuum cleaner store. Dry, crusty skin erruptions that eventually Oil of Oregano defeated nicely.

3. I am just going to post a caution about using Black Salve. While it will only react to 'unhealthy' skin, it *draws*. If you put it on a tiny 'spot' that is cancerous but that tiny spot is like the tip of an iceburg, the whole iceburg is going to get drawn out. While truly tiny spots may be taken care of in 4 days, bigger problems can take weeks. KNOW THE RULES of using Black Salve BEFORE using it. Read that last sentence twice. Pain meds are sometimes necessary.

I have a friend who studied extensively on the use of echartics (like black salve) and she will NOT use it above the shoulders. Your face is how you greet the world and treating a small spot could result in a huge crater opening up, problems with nerves or blood vessels,infection etc. A professional can't really help you once you've started and got a scary situation going. I take warnings from people who know what they are talking about seriously and I was warned not to use black salve above the shoulders. I am passing that along as a courtesy.

4. Unless you are certain that it is actual cancer which invisibly could even have spread out already, I'd recommend to get examined properly.

Meanwhile - and continued if no cancer is found - I'd apply H2O2 and colloidal silver to both, the affected locations as well as via ingestion (careful about what methods to be used for the latter).

As for black salve, I would agree with Gwen to be careful since it surely can have side-effects.

5. I have used Black Salve for years. If I notice a crust on my ear the black salve approach is used first. If that doesn't help next is Spooky2. If they fail then I would seek out a local Dr that can't use Rife/Spooky or loose their license. The warning about not using above your shoulders is because the cancers have roots and they must all be removed. It can leave a big missing patch where the roots were. Drs treatments also have side effects some even death.

6. Have a look at this post

7. Also check Ted's remedies in earth clinic;

8. Skin cancer is typically referred to as Melanoma of which there are many freq sets in the software.

I strongly recommend researching Harry Hoxsey who specifically and successfully treated people with very severe skin cancer using his herbs. He goes down in history as being involved in the longest court case against him by Morris Fishbein of the American Medical Assoc and FDA and is responsible for forcing Morris Fishbein to step down from the ama.

Google and you tube Harry Hoxsey and you will be on your way as his treatments are still being administered in a clinic in Mexico today as they are illegal in the us as they actually were working.

Here's just one of many links

For more details, please check the link:

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  • I don't know if this is the proper procedure but I would like to ask if anyone has an idea about what is the best protocol for treating melanoma stage 4. I have been using remote presets around the clock on GenX 1 and R detox on GenX 2. For over a week but don't palpate any reduction in size of swollen lymph nodes in the right axilla. When home I sleep between two kids of my Spooky2 Scalar. Obviously I am desperate trying to avoid surgical intervention to excise the primary lesion and marginal tissue as well as the lymph nodes.

  • Im confused on: "with 2 kids between scalar."  you are having your 2 kids with you in treatment, ?  OR 2 KINDS of scalar?  We have the plasma ball and have somewhat successfully cured one man of stage 4 gut cancer, I believe mysteriously.  We werent correctly treating him, with this new to us, tool. the ball. Amazing, he is walking and living, poorly still,  but alive.  


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