Any suggestions on colon cancer with metastasis?

1. I have helped with Liver Cancer but have no experience with Colon Cancer but there were programs for the Colon and Liver in Spooky2 Programs.

Here is some info that I have acquired myself combined with input from other Forum Members also:

Liver Function Balance and Liver Necrosis 1

T Lymph Virus and White Blood Cell Stimulation to work better for the immune than Immune System Stimulation. Lymphangitis and Streptococcus Pyrogens is good to clean the blood.

Silymarin, from Milk Thistle, is the supplement I read that has the most power to help the liver
He should eat (if he can) only organic brown rice boiled till mush - about an hour or so. This is a macrobiotic cure for cancer to add to other suggestions.

Consider Colloidal Silver delivery via this method Chris. It will go straight to the Liver and into the bloodstream.

The Emotion Code? It can be done remotely. I run a magnet over a photograph.
The Liver is the seat of the emotion, Anger. Emotion Coding to release this might at the very least alleviate some symptoms.

Spooky2 Programs below

"Cancer Colon",BIO,3,,"656,",,,180

I don't have any experience with Colon Cancer but there was a treatment program that suggested:

If it is inside the intestine:
Polyps - 2720,2489,2170,2127,2008,1800,1600,727,690,666,650,625,600,465,444,522,146
And also run Pulmonary Fibrosis - 27.5,220,410 to treat the mucus lining.
If outside the intestine - normally surrounding it:
Diverticulitis - 154,934,
Diverticulitis Acute - 120,500.

But I also found that when Diverticulitis does not work the following also removes it:
Pancreas - 440,464,600,624,648,1552,727,787,880,
Then to get rid of the toxins run:
Detox 1 Toxins In The Intestines -
Detox 2 Parasites In The Intestines -
This treatment might cause inflammation so also run:
Colitis - 440,802,832,880,1550,10000,

I know that I had a friend who used the Dr. Shultz Incurables Program and it made a big difference and I know that others will have a lot of input also and there are a lot of things like High Doses of Intravenous Vit C, and B17, Hemp Oil, Iodine and many others and I personally would try every one of them and also I have always treated the other major organs around the organs they say have the Cancer and also for Tumors 1744 was a frequency that many uses and would run non stop 24/7 and I will try and dig up some more information that will help but for now here is a little info to help!

Also I have always ran the Detox programs first along with building the Immune System up before attacking the Pathogens because I have heard that there is a better success rate when you do and also would check his PH level to see if they are low because I also read that if they were too low that Rife treatment wouldn't help!

Detox 3 Liver and Kidney
Detox Toxins Elimination 2 - XTRA
Liver Function Balance - XTRA
Lymphs and Detox - CAFL
Detox 1 Toxins in the Intestine - CAFL
Detox Mercury 1 and 2

Jadran has a lot of good information also along with many others here in the Forum, and he also has a Topic here for formulas for running DNA Frequencies which would not hurt to run also!

2. At Stage 4, a multi-pronged approach is pretty much definite. You will have to monitor the use of Spooky2. It will be difficult to get advice on how long to run programs or even which ones as your Grandfather's condition are so advanced. You will have to work with what you see and the feedback you get from him.

I would suggest you go to a local herbalist (*herbalist* NOT health food store, the big difference in quality and education) and get ESSIAC tea to make. Also, ask for any other herbal suggestions. They have herbal combinations for the Liver and/or Kidneys. You make a big pot of tea using a gallon of spring water, then when the tea cools, transfer it back into the gallon jug from the spring water and put it in the fridge for easy access.

I would also suggest juicing or getting one of those blenders that pulverize veggies into a liquid. This will not only be easy to digest, but it will also provide nutrition in the form of vitamins and enzymes. Add apricot kernels for B17.

I also advocate the use of The Emotion Code. Buy a used book or get from the library. Easy read and can be done in person or remotely.

3. I had an 8-inch colon resection a few years ago. The doctor that did the colonoscopy said that he has done 2,000 of them and I was one of 2 that were not cancerous. I was taking lots of probiotics and ESSIAC tea two or three times a day, as well as spending much time with my oxygen plasma machine, placing the plasma bulb right on the spot.

Don't know if you are a believer in the power of prayer or miracles but I did these together with Reiki treatments. There spiritual also frequencies to explore in Spooky2, as well as essential oils that might help the condition. One of the most powerful is frankincense, a proven cancer healer.

4. I'm a therapist and am always aware of the role that stress plays in illness and especially where the immune system has been compromised. I would always try some form of relaxation therapy. Acupuncture is very good for as it releases endorphins however there may be reasons why this is not practical. I have looked into non-needle acupuncture approaches using pulsed current but again a degree of instruction and guidance would be preferred as the equipment and frequency settings etc have to be correct. However, there is a very simple form of energy therapy that I would certainly advise you to look into, namely that method discovered by L. E Eeman using simple circuits to connect parts of the body. This is an informative site: The electrodes are not connected to any circuitry and can be made of any conductive material. I have experimented with metallic fabrics, carbonized rubber (the same material as TENS pads) gauze screens obtained from craft shops and they all work well.

5. Plasma with at least 2 generators would be best. You can read the Guide for the Cancer Preset Protocol located as shown in the pic.

Should be able to do this along with chemo.


6.The Cancer > DB folder contains a comprehensive protocol. My partner is using it with Spooky2 Central for Plasma supported by 24/7 Remotes. He combines DB's Plasma P0 presets overnight with DB's Remote All Detox and various RX presets continually.

7. It is very important to check your PH 7.5 is ideal. Also, high dose vitamin C is excellent. Also, baking soda and maple heated and mixed are excellent, particularly in the early morning. And cut out all refined sugar from her diet asap.

8. Essiac Tea for detoxing cancer is highly recommended. It is not Tea as such but a mixture of herbs you distill to make enough to last a month. It has a strong track record within cancer protocols, especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

For more details, please check the link:

9. If it were me I would get on a diet. All raw. Plant-based for 90 days and juice at least 64 oz a day. Do coffee enemas and take beta gluten to help your immune system also drink Essiac tea.

10. has lots of diet advice and tips.
You absolutely need to watch this The truth about cancer.

For more details, please check the link:


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