My daughter has double normal copper levels. Her Zinc and Vit D levels are low. Here immune systems is low. Other issues include MTHFR and undermethylation. Has anyone got ideas to address high copper using spooky2.

1. I don't have ideas about how to use Spooky2 specifically for this issue -- I'm sure someone here will. However, addressing any issues one may have may with Rife will indirectly affect the zinc/copper imbalance; the object is treat the whole person.

Regarding the zinc/copper issue itself though, I've been watching someone with this issue for almost two years now and know how slow and frustrating progress can seem. She has been working with Dr. Walsh, in Chicago, with improvements in her numbers but not so much with her symptoms. It took over 6 months to get her zinc up and copper down. By the way, the low histamine diet seems very difficult to stick with and Dr. Walsh doesn't see much good come from it, as it doesn't cure the root of the imbalance. Based on my research though, I believe Dr. Walsh is one of the better experts on this issue.

Here's his website:

Also, one of the best practitioners I know treats a lot of Vit. D deficiency, he found that the Biotics "D-Mulsion Forte" brings up the levels better than any other brand. My own doctor thinks sunlight works best. Best of luck with your daughter, I think you'll make progress if you stick with it.

2. For starters, I would recommend that you consider running the frequency detoxification program developed by Spooky2 team. It is called the 'Preset Bank: Terrain Protocol 07042016' and can be downloaded from the Spooky2 downloads webpage. Scroll down to "Protocol Packs/Preset Banks:" and download from there. This is something that is recommended to be done first before other things.

Another thought is to run a debilitating frequency calculated to disable the excess copper. That derives from the theory that multiplying a 'resonant' frequency by the square root of 2 (1.41421) is a debilitating frequency which is suggested by Charlene Boehm. One can calculate resonant frequency and subharmonic frequencies via molecular mass (Copper=63.546) using Manuel Mallo's Spreadsheet post found here.

Multiply these calculated frequencies by 1.41421 and that is an avenue to experiment with. This approach may not address the imbalances you have noted.

Following interviews with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt regarding detox are most interesting also:
Hour 1:

Hour 2:
He may give you some ideas for helping your daughter.

3. I have had high copper problems and my Naturopath (who also does Rife) treated me with the following. She also found that the copper build up was contributing to an overactive thyroid. However my situation might be completely different from your daughter's, so I am offering this as ideas to think about or research further.

Wilson's Disease (may treat damage caused by copper toxicity).

80,550,950,103.75,53.75,453.75,453.75,1102.5,2102.5,32,0.55,0.95,7.50,22.5,42.50,125.22,275.56,533.63,652.43 Hz 3 minutes each.

Copper build Up Remove 146 Hz for 3 minutes.

For more details, please check the link:

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