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I can only say what works for me and to note I am also on conventional cancer medication. I don't know what type of cancer she has, but after a bit of tweaking, I've found running the cancer protocol with graded then refines results for her cancer works better than using the standard ones available and the bfb. I started doing about 2 hours contact hunt and kill every day to start so my body had one thing to focus on. I also added DCA (MW 162.01) for continuous run along with other medicines for my side effects (nausea and bone growth). I also do DH Reduce tumors, Stem cell proliferation, divine switchboard, alkaline, and oxygenize. I use DNA and DNA nucleotides too about once or twice a week depending on how I'm feeling. My main tumor at this point has softened and shrank to almost undetectable. My blood levels are great. My oncologist has never seen this great of a response to the medication I am taking (Kisqali) and I find myself having no pain issues or movement troubles. It's not easy, and this may not work for you. Keep adjusting, reading, finding anything and everything. Wishing you and her the best.

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