I have a relative who has been diagnosed with HER2 Positive Breast cancer. She has had surgery but secondaries are developing in her brain, spine and lungs. Has there been any successes in the treatment of this type of cancer using Spooky2?

1. It doesn't really matter to energy medicine what behavior the receptors of cancer cells exhibit because Rife doesn't need to engage them with chemical structures. So this diagnosis is of interest and relevance only to chemical medicine. To Rife, a cancer cell is a cancer cell, and it will be destroyed no matter what kind of receptor problems it presents.

If the primary cancer was in the breast, then all the metastases will be due to breast cancer cells, so they can be dealt with successfully using the correct breast cancer frequencies.

Using Remote Mode exclusively for an advanced and florid cancer is asking a lot, my friend. And you haven't told us how many machines are at your disposal. I'll shortly be uploading a version of the cancer plan you've already seen that uses four generators. This will give you a clearer overview of what's involved in handling cancers like this.

If I were in your position, I'd use Spooky Pulse to provide the exact frequencies you need. However, this requires that your relative be connected to Spooky Pulse (the finger clip version is preferable). The frequency sweep can be supplied remotely, but this will require some phone co-ordination between the subject and the generator operator.

The new Pulse Quick Start Guide can be downloaded from our website, and it makes the procedure more or less foolproof as long as the instructions are followed.

This is a tough one, my friend. Not because of the type or extent of the cancer, but because of the restrictions imposed on dealing with it most effectively.

2. Sorry to hear about your relative. My sister was diagnosed with HER2 Positive receptor Breast cancer with Mets to brain only.

You can read my thread here:

David is correct, the cancer cell lines for the metastases will be same as the primary cancer, they will have traveled through the lymphatic system. You would need a minimum of four generators to treat her.

Unfortunately, the steroid Dexamethasone that oncologists prescribe to control swelling and edema on the brain is an immuno-suppressant and anything that you do to boost the immune system and fight the cancer will negate the efficacy of the steroids. It's a very nasty drug with a long list of serious side effects, but acts quickly. The herb Boswellia AKBA is proven to control swelling in clinical trials and should be considered, as well as Longvida's Curcumin formula which penetrates the blood brain barrier.

You may also consider a strong neodymium magnet (negative side) with a core Gauss rating of 12,000+, placed on tumor sites. The late Dr William Phillpott and others such as Professor Goesta Wollin treated many cancer patients with good success.

My thread details the frequencies we used, however, I would also include the following programs:

'Hormonal Inbalances - CAFL'
Normalise Estrogen Product - XTRA'

For more details, please check the link:

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