I'm 57 years old and from Germany. Since almost two years, I have been battling what started as a throat infection. Since May of this year, I have been diagnosed with cancer, stage 3-4. It seems to sit at the base of my tongue and in the throat.

1. At Stage 3/4 cancer, I would encourage you to have a holistic practitioner working with you if you can afford it. This may provide insight into other modalities that may work in conjunction to frequencies to speed up healing, reduce toxic overload, and boost the body's own vitality and immune system. I would suggest a Naturopath, an experienced Herbalist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (not just an accupuncturist), or Homeopath. You may receive insight into any toxins like fluoride that may have contributed to your condition or you may learn that dental work or ear-nose-throat conditions are the foundation. They may also help to council you on the swelling. When using electromedicine, sometimes tumors swell before they shrink due to inflammation. Obviously, you need to walk a fine line between the swelling being a sign of progress and choking.

If you have access to someone who does electrodermal testing, this may give you a list of any parasites, bacteria, etc. that need removal. If you cannot afford a practitioner, you may want to research herbal cancer remedies native to your country that you can ingest. (In the USA, "ESSIAC" tea is a well known herbal tea for cancer).

The other thing I would very strongly recommend is to cease the "battle" or 'fight' with cancer. This is a metaphysical/energetic principle that is much more important than people realize. Instead, thank your body for isolating the problem, have the *intention* that you are now paying attention to what your body tries to tell you (do not worry about *how* you will accomplish this~just be *willing* to do it) and think in terms of **wellness**. Every time you catch yourself entertaining negative thoughts about your condition, re-verse your thinking. Your subconscious is very literal. The subconscious can help direct 'healing' or it can help maintain the 'battlefield'. You want it working *for* you, not against you.

I recommend the book "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson to everyone. Very often it is the feelings and attitudes that we have buried that cause us physical problems later on. It is *imperative* for people to address trapped emotions. If a trapped emotion is the foundation of a serious illness, treating the physical problem will often not be effective. The electrical 'pattern' of the emotion must be cleared first to release the rest of the 'stuff' that has been at home in that area of resonance. In your case, you may have had experiences where you had to 'swallow' your words or feelings~ or something similar. There are many ways to accomplish this release of trapped emotions but I find the recommended book to be one of the easiest methods. And there is a bonus. You learn how to muscle test which could be VERY beneficial for deciding what Spooky programs to run.

Perhaps someone here can help you with ideas for the GB 4000 while you are waiting for the Spooky stuff to arrive. You can try PM-ing Nancy Sliwa as she has a GB. She has been traveling a lot so I don't know what her availability is or how much help she can provide but she may be able to give you a few pointers on using it remotely and what programs to start. Can't hurt to ask!

2. Maybe you can try the following frequencies sets recommended by Johann for a stomach and throat tumor case:

Kidney Papilloma CAFL 12 Times
Cancer Stomach CAFL – 12 times
Then Streptothrix CAFL – 7 times.
Total treatment will take 5 hours 6 minutes.

Wait 2 hours and repeat all three programs.

Day two repeat these three programs once and then:

Fibrosarcoma CAFL – 60 times
Cancer Non Hoskins 1 & 2 XTRA – 7 times
Detox Toxin Elimination 2 Xtra – 4 times

These are the links to the post:

Also you can try some dna frequencies for Human papillomavirus types 16 & 18 that can be related with Cancer, esophageal - squamous cell carcinoma. http://dnafrequencies.com/dp/human.shtml

3. You want science. I am an engineer and will do the best I can.
I too have had the chokeing goo, but probably not exactly the same beast as you have.
HOWEVER. The description of the swelling indicates that It is possible, even likely that you have a multispecies biofilm.
You can pretty much tell if the problem is bacterial by gargaling a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Most bacteria carry an enzyme called catylese that reacts to neutralize peroxide and releases CO2 which creates the white foam one sees when peroxide hits infection.

If you try peroxide on your throat and get foam, you have an infection. If the biofilm is small, peroxide can be used to kill it.
If it is as large as yours seems to be peroxide will not do the trick, at least not by itself.
I have found in the past that Yellow food dye 1, Yellow food dye 5 powder, St John's Wort, and vitamin C, and Zagarese Licorice, and cinnimon all will to help shrink the biofilm. These won't kill the biofilm but they will shrink it and some breathing space if one treats them as a gargle or loengzes. The treatment is needed in the throat, not the stomach.

Interesting thing that yellow 1 was the original beta amyloid stain, and C elegans treated with yellow 1 live 40% longer than untreated worm.
Yellow seems to be associated with an amyloid bond oglimere spacing.
Yellow 1 is almost impossible to come by outside of a bio-lab, but yellow 5 cake icing coloring powder is usually obtainable.

Burning heartburn accompanies the bio-film. It will hurt even worse when it starts to shrink, but a 1/8th teaspoon of aluminum free baking powder or alka-seltzer works to stop the pain.

These should help until you receive your XMs.

Look up JW Costerton's work on Biofilms.

To adhere to rocks the bugs make "extracelluer polysacride" In people there is an available resource for the bugs to use to make goo, the blood plasma protein fibrin. Bacteria, fungi and microbiota in between all have chaprone enzymes that refold fibrin into an amyloid form, so the common denominator is the amyloid fibers that all of the pathogenic biofilms use to hold themselves to the cell surface. Take a look at Scott Hutlgren's work.

The streams and the blood in the presence of biofilms have VERY FEW cells floating around free, which is one reason why cultures don't work well to detect biofilms. Another is that cells in the biofilm itself are in slow growth mode and don't culture well.
The biofilm is laced together with little tubes that run from one cell to the next, so it shares signals and DNA from one cell to the next.

Biofilms get started in the breathing passages when flu kills the cillia and goblet epithieal cells so bacteria can attach. The spot of attachment grows at additional bacteria are accumulated in an airfilter effect. The most common bacteria found in sinus and throat biofilms are staphlococcus species (these guys have special hemolytic enzymes that can lyse human red blood cells and produce a venom equivalent to snake bite), actinomycetes (goo formers that can live anywhere and clog sewage treatment plants with foam), and fungi. This stuff invades the microcanula that connect various sinus passages and allow us to detect odors, so getting rid of the biofilm by cutting it out is next to impossible. Scrape it off and it comes back in a year.
Notice that all of these guys have different antimicrobial suceptability profiles. Unless you can get a doctor to proscribe simultaneous clyndamycian, bactrium and sporanox, treating one component just shifts the population from one goo former to another, without reducing the mass more than temporarily. If you do get a Dr to proscribe, they usually are nervous about antibiotic resistance and will not treat long enough.

Which brings me to why you need several generators.
I run one for staph, one for actinomycetes, and one for alterneia, which is the species of fungus the CDC diagnosed my with using the spooky sets included in the database, and one against the amyloid sheet bond http://www.pnas.org/content/105/22/7720.full
I program a frequency range between 11200 and 11400 for the amyloid.
I converted the wavelength into frequency and divided by 2 until I got a subharmonic that looked reasonable.

Using everything all together, I can function and forget about the colony in my adnoieds. I had a problem arise recently where I was getting sicker and sicker and not paying attention. Finally after a week I checked the generator farm and found out that the dogs had disconnected the generators running the anti-staph and anti-amyloid frequencies. When I turned the XMs back on the thing spasmed like mad, and things started getting better again.

By the way, using the same principal to couple a broadcast signal with a receiver that was used to tune crystal radios does not get rid of the inverse square law, so if regular physics applies the the power of the signal from the generators will drop off exponentially with distance from the broadcast source, unless something at the receiver acts as an amplifier. It might be worth a try to run the generators with a paddle antenna and no personal sample and use distance to give you more tolerable reaction. Also the XMS have a voltage and amplitude controls you can use to dial them back.

For more details, please check the link:

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