What's your preferred detox program? I'm just doing healing presets as not confident yet to run killing. So does it matter what detox to run?

1. I cringe a bit every time I see this regarding detox programs. And it has nothing to do with you but I'd like to voice a minority opinion here. Nearly every Detox program in the Spooky database (certainly Detox 1, 2, 3, 4) contains popular killing frequencies and by running them will actually add more waste to your system. Those with Lyme will have extended herxheimer reactions for hours, days, maybe weeks and running these "Detox" programs will simply prolong your herx recovery. The only frequencies you might be able to run to shorten a herx are some of the Stenulson frequencies on your detoxification organs.
http://stenulson.net/althealth/stimfreq.htm And those should be run with a healing preset. Otherwise it's all the usual detoxification helpers like lemon water, activated charcoal, etc.

If you'd like to explore this more, search the database for some of the frequencies in Detox 4 for example (690, 802, 1550) and see what other programs they appear in.

I was expecting to see a Sine wave and instead it's Square. Those Stenulson frequencies, IMO, should be used with a Sine wave. You would need to create a custom program it looks like.

What's interesting is the JW Healing Contact preset is an Inverse+Sync maximum amplitude Square wave. That would be my preferred settings for killing only via Contact. I guess John White is trying to hit harmonics with using a Square wave for healing?
Frequencies can do many different things depending on their waveforms.

When it comes to harmonics, yes. But if you have a set of known microbe frequencies and try to run a JW Healing preset, you're just going to use a Square wave and kill off all those Detox 4 microbes.

For waveforms I'll use the example of 880 Hz from Detox 4. John Crane thought 880 Hz was one of the Streptococci bacteria. So if I am 100% sure that 880 Hz is the fundamental frequency of Strep, I would use the Sine waveform which would apply the full amount of amplitude to 880 Hz and generate no harmonics, likely killing Strep quickly. Even though Sine is typically used as a healing waveform, it can be one of the most lethal killing waveforms as well.

Some people think Strep is a higher harmonic of 880 Hz, so in that case, if I was unsure that 880 Hz is the fundamental frequency I would use the Square waveform and hit all the odd multiples of 880 Hz. Hopefully one of them would hit the (higher) fundamental. What if it was an even harmonic of 880 Hz? Then I would use Inverted Sawtooth and hit odd and even harmonics. If I applied enough amplitude, Inverted Sawtooth would likely do the job.

Detox 4 seems to be all killing frequencies, I've run that program through a plasma tube (Square wave) and had different reactions to several frequencies. Some resulted in a harsh herx within 60 seconds of application. That to me would indicate it being an actual microbe frequency. If you consider microbes to be toxins (tox) and destroying them is doing away with them (detox?), maybe that's how the name detox applies to Detox 4? I'm reaching here. It seems the only thing detox related in Detox 4 is in the program name. Unfortunately people look at the program name and say "oh it's totally detoxing you".

I was always under the impression Detox 4 was supposed to be a detoxification program or herx reduction program and I now firmly believe that's not the case. I'm not convinced Rife can do detoxification at all, but it sure excels at destroying microbes. That's why I posted the Stenulson link. If it can be done at all, maybe it can be done by using one of those frequencies to stimulate the Liver or Kidneys to make it detoxify faster. It surely can't be done with Detox 4, which would just add additional microbial waste to the system for processing by the detoxification organs. There's numerous benefits to using Detox 4, just not with reducing a Lyme herx.

For more details, please check the link:

2. Even healing presets can shake trash loose from cells. I like the Maintenance program from Morgellons Protocol, but any that assist the major detox pathways of the body work, as far as I know. "detox assist" and "detox all purpose" in the Spooky database are also good.

For more details, please check:

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