What's the youngest age of children you could use the remote setting on?

1. If concerned with a baby or toddler receiving 50% power from 50% DNA then perhaps wait. When you decide he/she is old enough, first do healing frequencies on remote like vitamins minerals joy, the preset Kundalini which gently adjusts the spine, and other frequencies that would bring the body into a positive state. I suggest not do any Remote Treatments where a child was involved below the age of 7 years. If you need, please use healing frequencies.

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2. To my knowledge, reliable statistics on the effects of rife technology on infants or older children do not exist in the US. There are good reasons for this lack of data. In the last decade, parents pursuing holistic treatments for their offspring —often at the child’s request —have been forced by government authorities to vaccinate the child; medicate the child with Ritalin® or Prozac®; or forcibly subject the child to chemo, radiation, surgery or other allopathic treatments under threats that the sick child would be removed from the home if they did not comply. It’s not surprising that many parents who give their children rife sessions don’t tell their doctors.

Therefore, except for parents’ anecdotal reports of success with Rifing their children, we must make an educated guess as to how Rifing will affect a particular child, based on what we know about Rifing and children’s response to illness. German naturopath Harald Sievert writes: “In my opinion, children are far more resilient than we adults believe. This is clearly demonstrated in our therapeutic measures where children eliminate better, react quicker and produce positive results more rapidly with holistic treatment.” This suggests that a child will be strong enough to handle the microbial die-off from a session.

Rifing infants should be done on a case-by-case basis, as infants are fragile. The brain and nervous system, digestive tract, reproductive organs, endocrine system, and immune function are immature and still developing.

Nonetheless, should your children ever be ill enough to warrant a doctor’s prescription for antibiotics, this may be the time to Rife them instead. Unlike drugs, Rifing does not contain chemicals that poison the body. Many parents have reported success with infants even as young as a few months old.

If my infant or small child had a dangerous disease for which a doctor wanted to administer toxic drugs, I would first try Rifing without hesitation. However, it may be unwise to use the technology for routine and relatively mild childhood illnesses (such as the German measles) unless the child is excessively uncomfortable or ill. These illnesses stimulate the child’s system to produce antibodies (proteins that catalyze the body to defend itself against foreign microbes). Once the antibodies are produced, the system’s immunity to those particular microbes is established, and the body can better protect itself against these and other diseases in the future. Like a muscle that becomes stronger when given a moderate workout, when the immune function is “exercised,” it matures and strengthens. However, if not given the chance to recognize foreign microbes and deal with them on its own terms, the body as a whole becomes weaker and less efficient (see Chapter 1). Many natural practitioners believe that milder childhood illnesses can help the body through tougher times later.

As might be expected, Dr. Sievert points out, children and adolescents tend to have different health issues than do adults. These include:

Latent susceptibility to infection, lacking in vitality, tired, poor concentration, [and] allergic stress. (Children also) suffer from digestive disorders, lack of appetite and frequently exhibit deficiencies...

We generally find a combination of food allergies and latent intolerances, infestation with intestinal fungi, often already at the chronic stage, with attendant dysbiosis together with post-vaccinal complications and inherited toxic stress, energetic blocks, etc.

Sievert also reports that children and adolescents “increasingly display a tendency to relapse. This leads to chronic processes which may manifest themselves in long-term disturbed development. You only have to think of the alarming rise in ADD and ADHD.” This information can be helpful in deciding which programs to use when giving your children rife sessions.

If you have any questions about the advisability of rife sessions for your child, consult with a health care provider who is supportive of holistic methods.

For a child, I believe that it’s better to use plasma light than electrode devices. The different types of machines are discussed in detail later in this chapter. If you are using a plasma tube device, run each frequency for the same amount of time as you would for an adult.

Anyone who has rife sessions should drink fluids. It can be a challenge to get enough mineral-rich water into the infant to flush out toxins; so substitute liquid foods such as chicken soup, low-sugar vegetable juice, and raw milk. Even though most of these fluids are digested as food, at least more liquid will be available to help the body flush out wastes.

Should you decide to give your infant or child rife sessions, investigate other non-invasive modalities, too. You may need medical supervision to confirm that the child’s system can handle the effects of microbial die-off (if any). One of the safest, most effective, and most researched substances that can accomplish this is transfer factor supplementation. Transfer factors, present in a nursing mammal’s “first milk,” are the molecules that literally confer immunity to the newborn. They are identical molecules, whether the milk is from a human, cow, goat, sheep, camel, or other nursing mammals; so this form of supplementation is not foreign to the body. If your child was not breastfed—or if s/he was but could use some help with immunity—giving transfer factor powder is a wise and logical choice.

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