Are there any suggestions for severe Shingles and Colitis?

We first did the 'full terrain protocol' preset program for detox (some 10 days). Then started on the virus with various JW preset programs for herpes zoster and running 'detox 4' simultaneously. After having done this for about a week we went on a planned holiday and before leaving put the generator on 'immune system balance' preset. At the holiday location, she started swimming again, a little more every day. Before she would get an outbreak after only 3 or 4 lengths in a recreational pool of about 14-15 meters. Now she could swim up to 120 lengths without an outbreak! When we got back home we turned the generator off. Some 24 hours later there was a (small) outbreak. We decided to try to kill off the obviously remaining viruses only with Spooky, sticking to the JW preset programs of herpes zoster and running 'detox 4' on the other generator. All on 'white remote'. Over a few days, the symptoms went away without using the regular medication (aciclovir), normally if you don't do this within 72 hours of an outbreak you can get in serious trouble. Before this, even with medication she would get serious muscle pain and be bedridden for up to a week. Having now been back on Spooky for some 2 weeks she is now working out full swing trying to get fit again.

So in short: WE CURED A VERY BAD CASE OF SHINGLES/HERPES ZOSTER only using 1)the full terrain protocol for detox 2) using various 'herpes zoster' presets with 'JW killing' on white remote and 3)'immune system balance' preset.

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2. Take monolaurin.

3. My son had severe ulcerative colitis which developed into Crohn's. I would look into parasites and of course, there may be emotions that need clearing.

4. I have read some of his stuff and have used some of his guides with good success. What I know for me is that biofeedback scan is a way better way to go than diagnosis because diagnosis does not heal but running those scans can help a lot. Also cutting out certain foods that are harming me is a huge help.

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5. I had oral shingles last October and used all the frequencies for shingles on remote. I also had Neem tincture which is for shingles.

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