How can I help my flare up of gum/tooth abscess?

1. I'm having a big flareup of gum/tooth abscess. Whatever you do. Don't wait too long to deal with the problem. Dental infections can easily cost your health(heart damage, brain swelling, kidney damage, etc) in such a way that you could easily end-up living the remainder of your life sick. And in some cases, receive an early grave as a result.

Whatever the case, if you have a tooth that has lead to an abscess (infection and swelling), then it's likely that you've already past the point of treating the symptoms.

That said, a good quality(20+ ppm) combination Colloidal Silver solution, combined with a contact dental infection program(writs to wrist), could help protect your vital organs (heart valves, kidneys, etc) while you wait for treatment. Of which you'll want to hold the CS on the affected area of the mouth, and under the tongue for a min. of 10-15 mins. to diffuse the ions into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue. Though be advised that not all of the bacteria types produced by dental infections are susceptible to silver.

PS. I'd also recommend avoiding anything under 15hz when doing a wrist to wrist zapping, as anything lower could potentially interfere with your heart rhythm and/or cause arrhythmia.

Hope this helps and don't wait on that tooth. Take it from someone who's been there - it ain't worth it!

2. I had a similar situation and used 6 oz of colloidal silver with 6 drops of oregano oil twice a day morning and before bedtime at the same time running freq on Spooky2-XM and hitting it will a cheap red laser and magnet on cheek pain disappeared almost immediately and abscess is gone. It's been almost a year.

Note: don't stop treatment even after all seems to have disappeared for if the infection is still present it will return if you have spooky central then the plasma and coils and ultrasound worked even faster.

For more details, please check the link:

3. Here is a screenshot to show the Overall Dental Health Preset in the Oct. 21 software:

4. Coenzyme Q10 is helpful for stimulating gum growth. In the past I was taking a gel cap of it and squeezing some of its contents onto a toothbrush and gently massaged it into my gums. Another help is to dissolve a probiotic capsule in a couple of ounces of water and swish it around in the mouth before bed. This helps re-establish the proper bacteria balance in the mouth. I usually just eat a bit of homemade sauerkraut after brushing my teeth (as long as it's not too tart/acidic). I have found that after eating sauerkraut the night before, I wake up with my teeth actually feeling tighter in their sockets. I also think the good probiotic crowds out harmful bacteria from the mouth. I was also in the habit of eating liver any time I had a toothache, and it would virtually disappear within hours (not sure if it was due to the vitamin A content). As far as frequency sets - in addition to the overall Dental Health preset, I use the twin cold laser over any problem area of teeth or gums with the Nogier F frequency set for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour; I usually read or watch a video while I'm doing it to pass the time.

Please note, I'm not suggesting doing these things while recovering from a dental procedure. If it were me, I'd wait till gums were healed before trying them.

5. Best recipe I know:

6. I had the same problem with the gums. I ran the dental sets and also gingivitis. I saw results and it made differences. I then also used this tooth powder from a herbalist in Pakistan. He claimed it would help out any shaky teeth. I had a couple that were not tight, between running the sets and the tooth powder my gums healed up nicely and no more shaky teeth.

7. I had my amalgams removed by a holistic dentist in London 18 years ago. His surgery had special tubes and fittings that funneled all the mercury vapor out of the room. He also used kinesiology to test what composites would suit me.
I have your problem with receding: Don't forget low-level gum infections that may be non-symptomatic, but may be stressing the gums. I quick scan all the various gum and root frequencies and then treat myself with the 'hits'.
Some people have had improvements from oil-pulling. I do it, but not yet totally convinced.

8. Use large doses of vit. C, take CoQ10 100mg. And use magnesium daily. Get Prairie Naturals or any other liquid magnesium and swish around gums for a few mins. Before swallowing. This regrew new gum tissue for me in a few weeks where there had been none prior. My dentist asked me what I'd done & wrote it down.

9. If you can find someone doing Pharmanex products their Lifepak is renowned for regeneration, and also giving more than enough antioxidants for daily requirements. A client of mine has severe bone loss in her jaw and was planning bone grafting, but after 3 months on Lifepak she did not need the surgery. Her dentist was amazed.

10. Sodiumbicarbonate in coconut oil with some peppermint oil for taste. Pain is gone instantly. Germs are killed instantly. The taste takes some getting used too, but its cheap, effective and your smile will be White.

11. My gums sound a bit likes yours. I have downloaded all the various, gum, gingivitis, jaw, and root canal treatments, then I quick or grade scan them, and treat top 12-14 hits with contact. I have noticed huge improvement. Coenzyme q 10 is good for gums. You will probably have to detox radiation from gums and jaw (from x-rays). Doing some general detox treatments will also help.

For two to three weeks I was suffering with an infection under the gum over a partially erupted wisdom tooth. I have no idea if it was the tooth or the gum, but nothing I was doing was working. I was running “Overall Dental Health JK” staggered on four remotes at the same time, as well as using a Povidone-iodine mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, and dropping Lugol’s iodine directly onto the gum. Nothing was working and it was getting progressively worse until the pain was unbearable and I could not eat on that side.

I tried various contact sessions and was not getting anywhere. I was getting tempted to stick the electrodes onto my cheeks and do a zapper nuke - luckily I had some inspiration and came up with this preset that worked. 

I usually run my contact sessions with a high frequency harmonic but I decided (no idea why) that I wanted to try and stick to a lower octave harmonic of the database frequency and use a higher harmonic as a carrier.

For the carrier on Out2 I picked an inverted square wave with an octave harmonic no less than 1Mhz.

For Out1 I picked an octave harmonic no less than 10Khz.

Obviously running Out1 at <= 10Khz at 20v was going to burn me so I tried halving the voltage for Out1, but I eventually got inspired by Edgar’s use of the damped sine with his dynamic carrier experiments. I selected damped sine and loved the look of the waveform. It did not hurt at 20v and I fell asleep exhausted and knocked out with painkillers. I woke up feeling dramatically better! A few more days of running it looped at night and the issue has been resolved.

Attached is the preset for anybody else in a similar predicament.

Frequency Limits:


Waveform Setup:


Output Waveforms:



Toothache (CAFL)
Dental Abscess (XTRA)
Dental Foci (CAFL)
Dental and Jawbone Infections 1 (XTRA)
Dental and Jawbone Infections 2 (XTRA)
Dental Infection (CAFL)
Dental Infections Virus (CAFL)
Fistula Dentalis (CAFL)
Dental (BIO)
Enterococcus Faecalis (XTRA)
Exposed Dental Nerve (XTRA)
Treponema Denticola (XTRA)

Gum Infection - Damped Sine With Octave Carrier (C) - TN.txt

For more details, please check the link:

12. Abscess typically includes infection(s), so need to do something for that to alleviate the cause, then the swelling will have a chance to clear out.

13. Try jawbone and dental infections and general antiseptic. Run it few a day helped me. Also get some black tea bags and put them in your mouth in the area of pain and suck on them without breaking them open.

14. Keep on rifing but you might also try pure oregano oil, thieves oil, and Lypo Spheric vitamin c. I had the same problem less than a month ago. Dentist wanted to remove three teeth.Seven drops of pure oregano oil and seven drops of thieves oil in these pill capsules three or four times and day along with heavy doses of 10 grams or more of vitamin c along with the rife will give you a fighting chance. I had three abscesses teeth less than a month ago. It was on a Saturday and I was in agony. Saturday night I started taking the vitamin C and by Sunday morning pain was gone. Then found out about oregano oil and thieves oil and Rifing the following week. My teeth are pretty much healed. 100 percent oregano oil is more effective than antibiotics. Gargling with colloidal silver also helped a lot.

For more details, please check the link:

15. Would add the PEMF coil if available as it can directly impact the area.

16. The antibiotic preset in the Spooky2 software works well, but in my experience it is a long-term fix. We run it 24/7 on remote. However, given the pain and discomfort you are undoubtedly feeling, you may want to research other options. Here's an extensive blog on the subject:

Take hot water (hot as you can take) with lots of salt. Keep in mouth until pain is gone. It will last for 24 hours, repeat for 3 days, until abscess is gone. It worked for me without painkillers. Do not rinse mouth for at least 30 minutes.

For more details, please check the link:



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