We thought we had a head cold. But it seems to be moving to the lungs/chest now. We've got stuffy heads, runny noses, headaches and dry coughs.

1. Add high doses of Super Foods to assist the body in restoring health quickly. I use Spirulina for this, very high doses! The body is traumatized when dealing with infections, detoxes etc and requires a lot of support.

Please search more as you will find many more to expedite him feeling better. We have loaded 2 different generators and found overnight success. We probably found 8 different sets to attack this issue quickly. My husband is diabetic so usually we he get a cold, it can last for weeks so we were shocked!

For more details, please check:

2. I was in a rush and had 10 minutes to setup a protocol. I ran by instinct and setup the following at 5pm:
Black Remote, Boost, Inverted Sawtooth, 10v, Dwell 0.35, Repeat Set: 4
CAFL Cold Programs 1 to 6
(Remove Duplicates & Skip Concurrent)
White Remote, Boost, Inverted Sawtooth, 10v, Dwell 0.35, Repeat Set: 4
Cold Coughing (CAFL), Cold Lingering (XTRA), Cough (KHZ), Cough (XTRA), Coughing (CAFL), Chest Infection Secondary (CAFL), Chest Pain (KHZ), Cold in Head Or Chest 1 (CAFL), Cold In Head Or Chest 2 (CAFL)
(Remove Duplicates & Skip Concurrent)
By 10am the next day they were feeling a HUGE difference - 80% better.
After 24 hours I decided to look more carefully at the sets, and I also wanted to free up a white remote (doing something else) because I don't like the black remotes. I also wanted to try Manuel's InvSawtooth Harmonics

I switched to the following:
White Remote, Boost, InvSawtooth Harmonics, 10v, Dwell 0.35, Repeat Set: 4
Cold Common (XTRA), Cold In Head Or Chest 2 (CAFL), Common Cold (KHZ), Cold And Flu (PROV), Mycoplasma General (CAFL), Chest Infection Secondary (CAFL)
(Skip Concurrent)
White Remote, Boost, InvSawtooth Harmonics, 10v, Dwell 0.35, Repeat Set: 4
Cold Coughing (CAFL), Cough Lingering (XTRA), Cough (KHZ), Cough (XTRA), Coughing (CAFL), Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL), Bronchitis 2 (XTRA)
(Skip Concurrent)
I ran this for 24 hours and I would guess they were 90% better.
I intended to run this for a few more days so I added in a Triangle Frequency Wobble at 0.05% 16 steps and let it run for 24 hours.

This brought them to about 98% better and I let it run for a further 2 days just to be safe.
A very slight cough or "tickle" remained for a few more days, but Spooky brought them to 99.999% better.

For more details, please check the link:

3. How about adding "Detox Chemtrail" 1, 2, 3 and search database for "allergy".

4. Also start using 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water , 1 morning, 1x afternoon, 1x evening.
(if possible with 3 drops of dmso). Do this for 1 week or as long as you like (i do) and never be sick again.

And 1 fresh pressed lemon in the morning with added water per person.

And be rid of it within a couple of days.

Since I use sodium bicarbonate every day i never have a cold while others do.
While previously like a running stairs all the time.

5. I always run Cold & Flu (PROV) when symptoms start.
You can also do program this via Out2 = 0 + 13916.02 on an existing set if you are not using Out2 already.

colds are difficult things but they are good for one thing; they hi-light just how precise that we need to be when applying the right frequencies and settings. With my own research, I have been able to push symptoms around, eg. stop running nose; or stop a sore throat but it is another thing to clear everything up quickly. Entrainment, or temporarily pushing back symptoms is one thing but wiping out the bugs so they don't come back in a couple of hrs/days etc is another. Having said that I haven't had a real cold for quite some time as if you catch them early you can often stop-what-might-become; but once they are in full-swing; you have to try lots of things; and seems like there is quite a bit of unraveling required.

So, although this is very frustrating, you have to take it also as an opportunity - consider whatever you have run so far in terms of contact or plasma as in-effective for this situation and try different contact/plasma programs - the Hulda Clark Zapper on contact may be worth a try. For remote, you might like to try Walt Dod's new sweep (some presets are in the latest s/w). If you see some improvement with a program you have learnt something valuable; otherwise you also learn what isn't working. For contact, I would give it 1/2 hr after treatment to see if anything feels 'better' then try something else.
This sort of 'research opportunity' doesn't come that often; but I must admit - falling back to other modalities such as fasting, herbs etc usually also get applied if don't make much frequency progress.

I wish you good luck with searching; and I am sure we can keep on feeding frequency programs to you to try, so let us know what happens.

6. AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY-It is a low-cost, simple therapeutic resource that comes down to removing blood from a vein and applying it to the muscle, thus stimulating the Reticulo-Endothelial System, quadrupling the macrophages throughout the body.

The technique is simple: the blood is removed from a vein commonly from the elbow fold and applied to the muscle, arm or buttock, without adding anything to the blood. The volume taken varies from 5ml to 20ml, depending on the severity of the disease being treated. Blood, organic tissue, in contact with muscle, extra-vascular tissue, triggers a rejection reaction thereof, thereby stimulating S.R.E. The bone marrow produces more monocytes that will colonize the organic tissues and are then called macrophages. Before the application of blood, on average the macrophage count is around 5%. After application the rate goes up and after 8h it reaches 22%. For 5 days it remains between 20 and 22% to return to 5% after 7 days from the application of auto-hemotherapy. The 5% return occurs when there is no blood in the muscle.

Infectious, allergic, autoimmune diseases, foreign bodies such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, obstructions of blood vessels are counteracted by macrophages, which quadruplicate in this way to overcome these pathological states or at least to slow them down. In the particular case of autoimmune diseases the autoaggression resulting from the perversion of the Immune System is diverted to the blood applied in the muscle, thus improving the patient.

I advise in your case the withdrawal of 10 ml of blood and apply on the buttocks every 7 days.
This will solve your case.
I have cured myself of sinusitis and allergy with hemotherapy.

7. I always have to change frequencies for cold/flu. I muscle test for the correct sets to run but, if it helps, some of the things I check are SV40 (Simian Virus), Adenovirus, Chlamydia Pneumonia, Strep and sinusitis (rhinitis). I run one generator in remote mode 24/7 and monitor symptoms. If I start feeling better and then lose ground, I change what I'm running. I think you should start feeling improvement within 2 hours if you are running the right sets. That doesn't mean you are A-OK but it means that you can feel a positive change. I also think that if you don't catch the illness at the onset that you are much more likely to have to suffer full blown symptoms for several days. The trick for me is to get Spooky going on the problem immediately.

As an adjunct, I take Zinc, Vitamin C, and a parasite tincture with the Hulda Clark combo (wormwood, clove, and other stuff). I think that parasite tincture is really good to have on hand. I get mine from a local herbalist and every time I start feeling funky, I take the tincture twice a day until I feel better.

Vitamin D may be helpful to temporarily snuff some symptoms.

For more details, please check the link from:

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