After the Spectrum Sweep, I have developed very sore mouth ulcers, a nasty looking tongue and a headache that just refuses to go away. Would anyone be able to suggest any Spooky sets that would be worth trying to treat the Sinusitis/ETD/Post-nasal drip?

It sounds to me like the Spectrum Sweep killed some bacteria in your system, which released some toxins, and now your body is detoxing. These new detoxing symptoms, the mouth ulcers, nasty tongue, and headache are your body releasing toxins in your head and mouth area. I would suggest getting plenty of rest and sleep during this period, and doing what you can to eat a clean diet while your body is detoxing. If you treat yourself in some way that stops these symptoms, then the toxins will remain in your body and create problems later.

If you think you may have mold in your house, please get the mold professionally removed. While you can run Spooky on yourself for mold, you will be constantly be re-poisoned by the mold in your house. You can also kill the mold in the walls with Spooky, but once your drywall has been compromised by mold, the slightest amount of moisture will cause re-infection of the mold into the walls. The comprised drywall needs to be replaced.

Also, do you have mercury fillings? If so, these could be causing your older symptoms. Running the mercury detox will help, but until you replace the mercury with composites, you will never be free of this issue. Another place where dentistry can cause mouth and head symptoms is root canals. I suggest doing some research on the issues with root canals and their link to cancer.

After your new symptoms have subsided, you may want to run the Terrain protocol some more, if the older symptoms persist. If you have 2 generators, you can run Terrain on both, just offset one of the generators by a day or so. If you have mercury fillings, please use terrain protocol without heavy metal preset.

For more details, please check the link:

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