My friends' kidneys are not producing enough Epo (she has been on Epo injections for two years.)

Regarding lowered EPO production and weakened kidneys function, the frequencies sets from this attached file might help, please check the attachment.

To save the file:
copy file (save attachment) into C:\Spooky2 directory.

To use this file (frequencies):
in Spooky: open [Advanced] panel
--> click [Select Database]
--> click/select file: XM_Hemoglobin_EPO.csv , and [Open] it.
Close [Advanced] panel.

7 lines (freq. sets) are shown (top, left). I have added a dashed 'separator' line as the last line (disregard it, it's just a visual indicator for the end of this file / freq. sets).
If you also have Custom.csv file (in your C:\Spooky2 directory), the frequency sets from your Custom.csv file will be appended (below that 'separator' line).

To revert back to Spooky's main database:
open [Advanced] panel => [Select Database]
click/select the name: 'Frequencies.csv' and [Open] it.
Close [Advanced] panel.

For these sets do not check "[ ] Add F1 to F2" option (unchecked).

Each freq.set will set (define) waveform and Duty Cycle.
Short descriptions are included (Additional Notes).

It will be enough to use one Remote unit (on Out 1).

You may load (selecting one by one) all seven freq.sets and run them as one program.

For more details, please check:

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