My doctor tells me that I have Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). I guess it is something like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but my pain is in the elbows. Looks like all those years on the computer keyboard are coming back to haunt me.

1. Obviously not qualified to treat but from one experimenter to another; ... a few sets you could try are Tendoyopathy (cafl), Tennis elbow, .... carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia sets with a healing preset.
Normalizing hormone levels may be worth investigating as a cause of the nerve inflammation & there are some sets for that. In addition I would have one generator doing detox sets 24/7.

2. Don't you find this kind of injury a bit odd when in the early days of typing the typists had to really press the keys with some force to get the hammer to hit the ribbon and RSI didn't exist. The typists were taught to sit with their hands as the lowest part of the arms to make sure proper blood flow could take place so they sat on taller chairs. The same thing applies to pianists with their adjustable stool to raise their wrists above the hands so the blood doesn't have to flow up hill to get to the hands. It is just common sense isn't it? Using muscles & tendons makes them stronger if they get the nutrients from the blood. I always put the keyboard on my lap to achieve the right position. Not everybody suffers from RSI even if they don't sit correctly for typing so it seems to me bugs are taking advantage of the lack of blood flow and the strain on the muscles in some people. Once bugs get in it is very difficult to get them out and I had a strained tendon on my thumb for a year that only managed to get better by strapping up and preventing any kind of movement. The body should have been able to deal with the strain but the bugs prevent it from doing the repairs. The problem is there are many bugs that could be involved and maybe RSI is just the tip of the iceberg. In my case I think the worst one is Actinomyces but recently it seems HPV and BY might be involved or certainly doesn't help. Hope you can find what bugs are bothering you.

3. Here is a YouTube video that may help

Also try the following Inflammation sets: Joint Inflammation, Inflammation general, nerve inflammation.
Perhaps even Lymph circulation and Lymph drain as well.

For more details, please check the link:

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