New tick bite - any worst case prevention protocol?

1. I go to treatment for any newly acquired infection, is to slice a clove of garlic and tape it to the sole of a foot. It gets into the bloodstream quickly and is effective against many bacteria if that is a word, and l hope, borrelia included as this is what l would do immediately should l get another bite. lt saves trying to find which species has been injected. Once it burrows into the tissues then another method is needed but even so, l would take herbs with spooky to follow up.

2. It is good you have the tick and this should help you to determine the specie and whether or not it carries the Lyme pathogen. Here in Canada we have a level 4 lab (for highly contagious diseases) which determines whether or not Lyme is present. I would be surprised if your country does not. The problem is to get your local medic to get interested.
You may not wish to take ABX but believe me the second option is something worse you do not want nor need!

For Spooky, do the bioscan and run the frequencies so obtained, the terrain protocol as well as Morgellons. Chemical means are ok initially until Lyme and cos become aware of the attack, which only work where there is the blood supply. The infection then forms a cyst and or biofilm which protects it from further attack. There are many members who have done this battle and could offer better advice than mine. Lyme and cos are a complex pathogen with various symptoms manifesting. Another possibility is the Cowden protocol (nutramedix) which is a long term solution and has been shown to work for some. However $$$.

3. Many physicians that are educated in lyme illnesses, have written there could be 350+ strains of that one pathogen, then add in the multiple Co-Infections and you have a HUGE task to find which specific Frequencies to use.
Plus Royal Rife has shown they change depending upon the environment they are your pH, your toxins, etc.

You are wasting time, just act "as if" you have it. Worse that will happen is you wasted time and some money. The odds are against you if you wait. Ticks can transmit infections VERY quickly. You do Not need to see am EM rash.

Also, theory is ALL biting insects potentially can infect with lyme. A German study showed mosquitoes for certain. Of course there are those who love to debate. Disinfo agents abound too.

The best case is to run Sweeps, to try and hit the whole group of infections. For not getting busy and waiting for them to enter your brain and bones will make it much more difficult to deal with. Only Plasma and low intensity PEMF should be used on the brain.
Stephen H. Buhner is one well experienced Herbalist that would be good to research. Excellent books.

4. I think a bite of a tick may be an serious enough event to apply quite hard-core methods, so who's afraid, please close their eyes before reading this.

You may have heard about people who, being somewhere far from medical help, saved their lives or avoided much suffering after being bitten by a snake or a scorpio. The same with these dangerous spiders. How? Using high-voltage electricity. For example, using a motorcycle ignition coil wire. Very painful, but very effective. Google it, I'm not kidding. A much more practical approach is using a small personal taser. One can buy cheap (a few $) high voltage modules at eBay. One just connects a 9V battery and voila!... beautiful white arch! It should be applied for a second on the bite. Twice. I've got such a module at home - just in case.

Who's really , they can use just Bob Beck type zapper . One electrode on the bite, the other afraid somewhere close to it. I recommend applying the signal (max. 54 - 60Vpp) not just for an hour, but two; it makes a difference. Adjust the potentiometer to feel the current, it's important. Then a wet (colloidal silver or H2O2) compress and... you did what should be done.

5. I'm throwing this out to help folks or at least help them calm down.
Major shout-out to Roman in Poland. He is right about the voltage.

So, I was out at the farm and was walking a dozer guy for a quote. I completely forgot to tick patrol when I got back. I only realized to check when I felt something walking on my side Sunday afternoon. 

1 tick 2 bites.

Hopefully, it wasn't a nanomachine tick or cyborg. Because the university is very, very, very proud making highly dangerous, replicate (make more themselves), evil nano for the government. 

I slapped coll silver gel on it and forgot about it. Then it started itching like crazy and the bite sites were growing. Started feeling more sickish Wed. Cavet - I was lifting and moving a lot of heavy stuff up stairs/down stairs in the heat. All the corp/media/gov sites are lying about the actual temps out it. It was over 100.

So, I showed my dad. He agreed - not normal. Side note: I used to attract ticks the size of sunflower seeds as a tiny child. Everytime we went out - tick patrol. I cannot tell you how many times I was bent over the bath tub getting ticks removed from my rear & back legs!!! 

So, my dad did what people use to do before 1900. He grabbed the tweezers and squeezed the base. Then he squeezed the pus out. Both grew bigger. I said screw this. I switched out Spooky from my cat to me and loaded up MMS. Then I found Roman's wonderfully paper. FYI: He is absolutely right.

So, I ran around looking for our Bob Beck Electrifier/Purifier. I was fully prepared to scream my head like I did 16yrs after 1 SECOND. 
Couldn't find it.

So, I ran around looking for the Croft Zapper. Lovely thing.
Couldn't find it.

So, I ran around looking for the Clark MagZapper. Found it my Dad's room and he told me it probably wouldn't work. 16yrs old. It worked.

I slapped coll silver gel on both bites & covered with band aids. The silver takes 6-10mins to kill things. Went to bed. I was able to get up. Both bites shrunk over 50% no itching. An interesting amount of detox/viral load symptoms.

Here is the protocol:

Apply iodine (Lugols or other) to bites
Apply colloidal silver soaked pad or make a gel to bites
Drink 1/2oz silver initially
Drink either 1/2oz twice a day or 1oz silver following
You will need to supplement w/minerals
Drink lots of water

Spooky2: MMS frequency - Run 1x 9min initially
Bob Beck thingy or Clark Zapper or Croft Zapper (I prefer Croft's device)

Clark Zapper: S Head facing bite or on bite - 10-20 secs each or until you feel woozy
Croft keeping moving quit when woozy

Spooky2: Run Lymph drain/detox your pick. I ran the included program on H-bomb - kicked my ass. Changed to square wave.
Spooky2: Brain Fog Program x1 - under Lyme & Morgellons
Spooky2: Emotional Pattern Release x2-x3 & Emotional Ties to Disease x2-x3
Spooky2: Herx as needed
Denas Scener for you neck & head pain/inflammation.
Spooky2: MMS again - watch your detox/herx loads!
Ionic footbath for detox/viral load major reduction. 
I use this device.

Stay calm.

I would be concerned if you don't get a zapper on the bites 2 weeks out to 30 days out.

For more details, please check the link:

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