We have battled her breast cancer for 4 years. The cancer has gone to her lower back and hips. She struggles to move in bed and get comfortable. My wife can no longer walk, is not eating solid food, has lost muscle mass, lies in bed asleep most the day.

1. It is always the same:

First detox.
Then get rid of the bacteria/parasites. (MMS)

Then get healthy food. (Go vegan food)
Then add some energy to the system. (The sun, microcurrent etc.)

And if there is a will to live, then it will work with a much better survival rate than the 3% (5-jears survival rate) of the commercial medicine.

2. See if you can enlist some suggestions from the nurse and her husband since #1) the nurse has the best medical understanding of your wife's current biology and #2) the husband is obviously familiar with rife technology. Then bring those suggestions here for translation of how to best accomplish that with Spooky2.

3. I have a crippling Muscular Dysrophy. 2 months ago my bloodwork told the M.D. that my liver enzymes were 100 each and my total cholesterol was almost 1000. Since then I purchased 3 spooky2s. I run the frequency of 480 hertz with a very long dwell time using the Bio North remotes. I have lost a bunch of bad weight, my liver enzymes are coming down, and I'm gaining muscle. Also my immune system and my allergies are improving a lot. I have have taken most herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals,. With some supplements I was wondering why some worked. So I looked at the ingredients. Everything that work had Zinc in it or a Zinc derivative. So buy some zinc ingests and put them under her arms and also anywhere around the body. Also buy ionic zinc. It will help tremendously. With the spooky going on to see frequencies 24 hrs she will improve a lot. This is what I do and I'm Speechless at how I'm improving.

Zinc is the one mineral that elevates the total blood PH so it will gently and naturally heal the body over time. I have been running this frequency for a couple weeks and have yet to see my body not change for the better. I have 3 machines all running on the same frequency on Bio North healing remotes. And I look forward to improving more and eventually it will become permanent. This is why you eat good food after you exercise. To try and raise the PH of the Blood to repair what was just damaged.

4. Priority 1: Treat the cancer.
Run the Terrain protocol first for one week see Appendix A of Spooky2 User Manual.
Here are the sets I run for cancer:
Cancer BX virus
Cancer BY Virus
Cancer General
Blood Cleanser Cancer
General Inflammations sets
Lymph drainage
I would run say a bunch of cancer sets for 1 day using BN (White disk) remote, next day run inflammation sets, and then next day run lymph drainage sets.
If you have a cancer biopsy report from your doctor then run the applicable cancer sets.
You may also run sets for mold and candida as well.

I assume the pain is mostly caused by the cancer and once you get this under control you should be able to reduce the pain medication in consultation with your doctor.

In addition to to Rifing I recommend that you try the Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon tea. Get fresh Turmeric and Ginger root, peel, slice and dice and put in a small pot. Juice lemon and add to pot as well as 3-4 shakes of Black Pepper to help Turmeric uptake. Add about 1 litre of boiling water to pot, stir and place lid on pot and let stand for one day. Drink about 1 cup a day. Don't throw out the Turmeric and Ginger eat it instead.

I would also consider taking 4 drops of Lugols Iodine (15% strength) a day, and large does of a quality Lipsomal Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl45x3x-Vko There are a few different ways to do this.

5. First kill the known pathogens and the ones known to be related to her specific cancer, next the generic pathogens known to be related to most cancers such as Fasciolopsis Buskii, Clostridium bacteria, H-Pylori, Papilloma Virus, Candida, mycoplasma, e-coli etc. Next, use the biofeedback scan to find and kill her specific pathogens. Meanwhile, make a broccoli, celery and carrot juice daily and take it in. Add turmeric and ginger too. Dilute it if necessary. Encourage her to drink safe water. Take in Evian (Hulda Clark suggested that it is safe to drink as it contains no chlorine or isopropyl alcohol.) Make sugar free and low carb sweets to substitute for hospice desserts if she is still able to eat. Remember, sugar feeds cancer.

6. Here is one possible solution for you and your wife to consider:
Hulda Clark 21 Days Cancer Program Protocol

7. Never give up looking for an answer.

For what it is worth Google the following sites and do your own research especially the Silver Sol option. I am a believer.

Cancer is a Fungus

Baking Soda Remedies for Cancer

Curcumin & Cancer

Silver Sol
http://www.guardiansilversol.com Explanation of what it is. 10 parts per million
http://jimbakkershow.com/lovegifts/giant-silver-sol-bonus-offer.html 12 parts per million
https://www.naturessunshine.com/us/product/silver-shield-waqua-sol-20-ppm-4-fl-oz/4274 20 parts per million

*Personally know a lady who had stage 4 Cancer and was told to check into Hospice and that there was nothing they could do for her. She found the Silver Sol and took it and has been Cancer free for over 4-years. She took the 12 parts per million middle product above. Many recommend 20 parts per million.

For more details, please check the link:

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