I'm 60, diagnosed with lambda light chain myeloma. I produce a myeloma cell which makes the small half of an immunoglobulin (G). In addition to the compromised immune system by the cancer these lambda proteins stuff up the kidneys.

1. I'm inclined to think that no one can 'tip the scales' for you due to the fact that #1) there is a short time window and #2) you have an 'aggressive' cancer which in my opinion disqualifies any advice that doesn't come from someone with direct knowledge of that condition. While everyone would probably like to jump to your assistance, no one wants to be responsible for giving you bad advice at a time you need the best advice you can get. Sometimes it seems a little painful to see no replies.... the equivalent of uncomfortable silence......but I think it shows respect for you and your condition that people are not babbling 'advice' that may not be appropriate. We'll see what Johann thinks.

It would be ideal if you could get a second opinion from some sort of holistic practitioner *local* to you. That way, if you opt for Spooky as your 'primary' choice, the holistic person could possibly monitor progress weekly or bi-weekly in between blood draws.

You seem to be very well informed on your condition, the 'ifs' and the 'possibilities'. I don't envy the decision you have to make but I feel like you will make the decision that is right for you. Don't second guess yourself.

I am personally a firm believer in treating the body as a whole: body, mind, spirit. You appear to have the first two handled. If you have not yet worked on any 'emotional baggage', please start NOW to clear any of that. Even if you think you are 'well adjusted', not 'emotional', or 'men don't do that', cover your bases. I recommend the book "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson but there are many ways to tackle the subject. I also very much like the link provided below. Try it.


2. I can not tell you what's the best way to deal with your problem but I would like to tell you something about the settings /waves and such.

First let me say that when it comes to remote treatment most people say that power is not important, most post about it say to stay as low as 2V. It's pretty clear that for direct contact mode you need power, in fact John is working on perfect amp for Spooky 2 generators. Let me tell you what I found about waves and how much power they will deliver to your body. I am using oscilloscope and amp meter to see volts and amps between two electrodes I am holding with my hands while changing waves and such, multiply volts and amps and you get Watts, right? If power is a key to successful direct contact Rifing then there is no better wave then square wave combined with 11th harmonic ( F2= F1 X 11 ,Add F1 to F2 ). This combo will deliver 6 times or so power of "H" bomb or Square damped wave. That's what I would use. I need to tell you also that Spooky 2 generator does not have much power output, my other frq. generator will deliver same watts in half volts, then again, some people might be too sick to handle it but I believe that you should use as much power as your body will let you, that's why novelty plasma globes never work in Rifing and real powerful plasma tubes work the best. I think as much power as you can take for short treatments will give you better results then lower power for hours every day. That's my opinion.

3. I ran a biofeedback scan a few days ago on a friend with Multiple Myeloma. We found the frequency 475.47. It turns out that 475 is a documented frequency for Multiple Myeloma and is the frequency that belongs to the tapeworm Taenia Solium. There are four frequencies for this tapeworm. They are 469.7, 481.05,475 and 448.9. (Taenia pisformis, Taenia saginata, Taenia solium) These frequencies were found in Hulda Clark's Syncrometer manual. According to her last cancer book it takes 5 minutes to kill tapeworms, so we ran at first the exact frequency that was found. She immediately felt extremely tired and felt pain in her teeth (right side upper jaw). I ran all the frequencies for 5 minutes each. I ran the biofeedback scan again the following day to ensure that they had gone. They had. However, a further scan found amongst other things 392.15. This appears to be T Lymph virus (Virus in white blood cells T lymphocytes. She has done a herbal parasite cleanse several times and also has used a zapper for about a year. According to Hulda Clark, these methods don't kill the Ascaris parasite and tapeworms. I have prepared a supplement chart and diet sheet for her according to her blood test results and the suggestions in Hulda Clark's last cancer book. Her kidneys were damaged from the first course of chemo so we have to proceed slowly. Our objectives are to keep running biofeedback scans in small chunks. The software froze when we tried to scan 10-550. So our intention is to scan for no more than 100 frequencies at a time. We will try to kill off every pathogen that we find whilst she takes supplements that are specific to improving her blood test results and removing toxins.

I have used research in 3 of Hulda Clark's books to work out how to best remove the main toxins, benzene, dyes, cadmium, asbestos, isopropyl alcohol, metals, vanadium, cobalt, malonic acid, malic acid, BT toxin and radioactivity. Apart from using Spooky2 as often as possible, we are trying to lower ferritin levels, normalize iron levels, feed white blood cells, normalize red blood cells, improve EPO production, remove bone marrow carcinogens, repair anaemia, improve liver function, slow platelet destruction, normalize creatinine levels and improve kidney function and urea cycle.

There is a lot of ground to cover but she is determined that she has had enough of the side effects of chemo, so now is the time to cover everything in one go. Our intention is that she starts with lower doses of the supplements to protect her kidneys whilst doing Hulda Clark's kidney cleanse. If she is able to then take the doses of everything that Hulda Clark suggests she will try the larger doses (this depends largely on her next blood test results). We will only be able to tell if she has found the cause of Multiple Myeloma if her next blood test results show improvement. I hope all of this info helps. With regard to diet: Drink only water that has been tested as radiation free (meaning chlorine free). In our country Evian seems to be the only one mentioned in her book that we can buy that is chlorine free. Avoid, lemons and cabbage which are an allergens to the bone marrow. If the next blood test shows success I will keep you updated.

For more details, please check the link:

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