My Dad is 57 years old and was diagnosed with Stage IV Hepatocellular Carcinoma officially on May 16th of this year. Now my Dad also suffers from the following diagnoses pre-cancer: diabetes (insulin and orals), hypertension, a-fib, high cholesterol.

1. Assuming that you know nothing about a more holistic approach to treating this kind of situation, I will offer some basic ideas I've learned over the years, as one who worked in a Clinic of natural therapies applied to cancer. These are general ideas; that is, not customized to the individual, but, in your dad's case, one should focus on alleviating the stress on the liver because a healthy liver is central to healing -- and your dad could heal if you do things right. I'm not the best one here to advise about Spooky use, but someone will, I'm sure.

1) FIRST and FOREMOST: If appetite is low or gone, do carrot/beet/celery juicing. This will detox the system and take the burden off the liver in digesting "regular" (solid) food.
"Whole Lemon Olive Oil" drink is helpful for this task as well; and it's inexpensive and palatable.

2) When appetite improves, eat ONLY highly nutritious organic foods mainly veggies -- probably good to forego grains, especially wheat. If liver cannot handle too much protein, take in bone/meat broth made with lots of veggies. Don't try to build up weight until the liver says "I'm hungry". Consider Siliphos (by Thorne) if liver enzymes are up).

3) Consider starting with Essiac tea (we found Florescence to be the better brand This herbal tea covers a lot of ground for it addresses underlying issues of toxicity and probably directly kills cancer cells. "Vitae Elixir" is another remarkable brand that I've seen shrink cancers.

4) Supplements are a big and complicated issue. Please see someone for a customized nutritional program -- especially make sure selenium, zinc and magnesium levels are up to par. Vitamin A and D are most important for dealing with cancer. Consider foods and spices that are shown to treat cancer. Turmeric, black seed oil, garlic, mushrooms like reishi, maitake and cordycepts ("JHS Natural Formlas" are one, I believe, that make mushrooms correctly, using both heat and alcohol to extract the good stuff).

5) Check for stealth parasites, bacteria fungi and viruses. That's where Rifing shines.

6) Ozone therapy can be beneficial. If you cannot find a doctor to do the "auto-hemo" method, then buy a home unit and do ozone rectally -- the real science to show that it gets right up into the liver via the portal view and lowers liver enzymes.

7) Check dental issues: mercury containing fillings, dissimilar metals (e.g., gold and silver filling together), dead teeth and all root canals, NICO's (i.e., cavitation) -- find a holistic dentist to understand this issue. But, DO NOT rush into removing mercury if one is very sick and weak, get stable and strong first.

8) When strength comes, consider far or near infrared sauna to detox lymph (which takes the burden off the liver) and boosts immune system.

9) Check environment/home for negative factors: bad water, air polluted with molds and noxious chemicals, radon, toxic relationships, etc.

10) Work with mind and spirit; i.e., give unconditional love, support, be positive and supportive, consider prayer and meditation, etc. and get out in nature if possible, for nature is what heals.

11) Proteolytic enzymes (on an empty stomach) are very popular in many clinics, and they should help the liver. Wobenzyme is a good brand.

2. The frequencies that help me the most are 480 with an extremely long dwell time and 384 with a long dwell time on the Bio North remote. Run those and change will start happening.

3. There was a lot of panic in that post but not much to go on for anyone here to be helpful. Is there a frequency device currently available (Spooky or other)? If Spooky is available, is it one generator or more? Would it be used contact or remotely? Is the family going to do the rifing or are you planning to do it? People can throw a lot of ideas out there but until anyone knows what you are working with, its a total crap shoot. The Spooky Manual has a protocol that would be followed first while one was educating themselves on further options.

Has the family investigated holistic practitioners or methods of treating cancer because this situation sounds like it needs more than one approach and some kind of professional guidance. The person with the cancer would also need to be on board with any treatment options (and sadly, many just want to follow 'doctor's orders').

I would point to the Cancer Tutor website and start with the Stage IV section. Linking it for you.

4. I see that your friend had metabolic syndrome before the cancer started. It often happens. The cause is the crappy diet he is/was eating. He really needs to stop that diet. Advice for diabetics is shocking. They should be quitting processed food and carbohydrates, not taking meds so that they can continue with fake foods. There is a load of dietary advice for cancer sufferers, and without doing some drastic change, at this late stage, he us seriously reducing his chances.

For more details, please check the link:

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