My husband has prostate cancer that has metastasis to the bone. To start inner terrain and cancer presets, does anyone have info on targeting Nagalase which blocks GcMAF? Also is there a way to strengthen GcMaff?

1. To find the GcMAF and Nagalase frequencies for Spooky, just type GcMAF or Nagalase in the search box on the portal page and you will find a full discussion on the subject as well as the frequencies that you can download into a custom set for your Spooky rig. You can download the cancer protocol manual at

Hope this helps you get going on your Spooky2 healing journey.
One protocol you might want to consider adding to supercharge your husbands healing, working along with Spooky2 and Cellect/Budwig, would be RSO highly concentrated high THC oil and high CBD tincture, depending on where you live and availability, etc. Here is a video of a biochemist from the cancer industry who used the natural healing power of the cannabis plant to heal his prostate cancer.

For more details, please check the link:

2. Dr Hamer has a protocol for treating prostate cancer and he makes references to running additional sets if the cancer spreads to the bones.

PROSTATE CANCER- Charlene Boehm DNA Frequencies - The Rife Forum
Cancer Treatment 1

Spooky2 - Cancer Prostate PROV:
3 minutes each
Spooky2 - Prostate Adenominum PROV:
- 4 minutes each
Spooky2 - Blood Cleanser Cancer - XTRA
- 3 minutes each
Spooky2 - Immune System Stimulation - PROV
- 4 minutes each
Spooky2 - Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidney PROV:

Cancer Treatment 2
1666,2125,2128,2131,2140,2145,3672 - 6 minutes each
920 for 5 minutes.
- 3 minutes each
- 4 minutes each

Do Cancer Treatment 1 on day 1, and then Cancer Treatment 2 on day 3, then day 6 repeat treatments 1 & 2.

With the 3rd or 4th cancer treatment also run:
9.39,20,465,727,787,802,880,1550 - 3 minutes each as prostate cancer also effect the bladder.

If the cancer has entered the bone run the following treatment on the off days:

BONE Treatment:
BONE REGENERATION - 2720,10000 - 10 minutes each
BONE SPURS - 1.2,250 - 10 minutes each
OSTEITIS - 770,724,736,743 - 6 minutes each
OSTEOMYELOSCLEROSIS - 79,330 7 minutes each

Link to article

You replace the Prostate cancer etc sets with a more specific cancer set if you know what the cancer type is otherwise just use the standard general cancer sets. Others may offer better suggestions. I am having good results with Dr Hamer's prostate cancer set using home made SSQ-BAT - PA3 RF Amplifier plasma unit at about 80 watts power at 1.5 meters. I also run one BN remotes at 5V square wave with second BN remote following out-1 using 11th harmonic DSB, all other setting default at the same time with plasma.

For more details, please check the link:

3. You could try the famous Rife Hoyland modulation sweep I posted here:
You can alter the dwell multiplier to get a dwell time of 8 hours, to use overnight. Be careful with the ventilation of the tube to ensure proper cooling.

4. I have been using this for months now with no negative effects.

OK here is what I use now. Based on the following logic.
1) Rife ran treatments for 15 minutes daily and cured cancer patients and others too! Fifteen minutes only per 24 hours.

2) According to what we know through Bedini, Rife did not run single separate frequencies, Hoyle later discovered which of Rife's frequencies destroyed which pathogens. Rife did not do this. What is important is that what Rife did in only 15 minutes a day worked, kind of like a broad spectrum electronic antibiotic, but without the bad side effects of chemical drugs!

5) RPX does what Rife did, no single frequencies are run, but the entire pathogenic spectrum is addressed. It is all done in 3 minutes. RPX uses only 2VDC and suggests running for fifteen minutes total per session. Bedini says in his video that with more power run time could be reduced down to three minutes per day!

4) RPX is using sidebands, sinewaves and a modulated carrier wave. Also a few parameters particularly with dwell and steps that the XM generator is not designed to do. However Hulda Clarke taught us to generate sidebands using square waves with 100% offset, and he sweep killed every pathogen subjected to it.

So what I did was use the Hulda Clark method for sideband generation with the RPX sweep parameters. Then to "make up" for what the XM cannot do I added a 12 step frequency Wobble to increase the spectrum spread of frequencies covered, to kind of fill in the gaps as as close as possible since Spooky XM cannot create the same steps as RPX.

Lastly I left the amplitude at 20VDC for maximum power. Again Bedini said h runs RPX at 2VDC, and if amplified could reduce the "treatment" run time for the entire set to 3 minutes, instead of 15 minutes. So in this Hulda Clarke RPX SWEEP SQUARE WAVE With Wobble we are going through all the base RPX frequencies, we have sidebands, and wobble to really mess with the pathogens.

It is logical to assume if we just applied the same frequencies that RPX and Rife did that some good and no harm would come from doing so at the very least. Again, Rife did not apply separate frequencies. Neither are we!

The settings I programmed makes the XM step through this sweep incredibly fast just as RPX does, and it is repeatedly doing so for fifteen minutes at ten times the output power of the RPX.

So what has this done for me? Well I no longer run Spooky Pulse diagnostics which though a beautiful thing, is only as accurate as your ability to be still and undistracted. All the healing I felt was going on in my body continues to take place. I also may be hitting issues I did not know were there since I am applying all pathogenic frequencies.

I also have not felt the need to run Plasma since using this program. So I am saving electricity and the cumbersome placement of plasma tube and HV cables. Plus I am able to treat the whole body via direct contact. I also have used this program in remote mode. I feel direct contact is more effective than remote with everything!

I have had extreme Herxheimer effects from running this 45 minutes instead of fifteen, just to see what would happen. The resulting headache and symptoms from toxic overload of dead pathogens was profound. So I know this works. I never run it any longer than 15 minutes, once a day!

Running this program will damage the Spooky Central Plasma Amplifier, so I do not do that!

If you experiment with this let me know your results!

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Thanks for this info but are you referring to the portal page in the software where you search for frequencies?

  • Penny  is right about the High THC, I have spoken to Prof. Dennis Hill personally . He actually used a 1:1 THC/CBD extracted oil every night. However, from much research I have done it is recommended to use a high THC extract nightly (build up to 1 gram) and then take 1 grain size of CBD oil in the morning and evening


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