Breast Cancer, noticeable lumps in her breasts.

1. A friend reported hard, painful, and noticeable lumps in her breasts about 12 months or so ago. Wisely, she opted not to go for testing because she knew about the dangers of punch biopsies. She decided to run sets for breast cancer and fibroids. She had no success, despite non-stop running for a number of months.

About two months ago, acting on intuition, she added Calcifications XTRA to four of her generators - just a single instance on each one.

I received a report from her yesterday that her lumps have now just about disappeared.

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2. For ANY cancer, one must remember: Cancer is cells that have "gone rogue" and don't recognize they are mortal anymore. Instead of trading Oxygen they are fermenting goo that hates oxygen. If their oxygen level is restored... they either revert to a normal cell or they recognize they are defective with their mortality switch back on & die off. Everyone has rogue cells that have fallen below about 63% oxygen levels all the time or rogue. But a healthy body simply destroys them. It is the overload when unhealthy body/conditions cannot keep up that they overwhelm or clump to form a bigger problem. SEE Dr. Otto Warburg & his 2 Nobel Prizes for these proven facts of the early 1920s. (Yes, we have known this for that long) How to invite Oxygen into cells? Many ways. Omega3 acts like a doorman covering the cell wall that INVITES oxygen inside the cell. Easy delivery using "Nutritional Yeast" a dry flake/powder, in smoothies, salads, sauces, etc, many vegans use it to create a cheese taste, too. Or try Hemp Hearts in same fashion. Alkaline Water is a higher Oxygen level, around 9-9.5pH. Avoiding SUGAR & CARBS which are high sources of Acid or lowering pH levels. Sugar FEEDS cancer as it is (Remember). A Fermenting go that hates oxygen. People have cured themselves in hyperbaric chambers that forces oxygen into cells. But Spooky2 has been a way to replace or augment treatments for many diseases. All things have frequencies, so if a pathogen frequency is discovered that pathogens can be destroyed. Of course one must remember not to overwhelm the Kidneys or Liver with the debris of the destroyed pathogen so care must be taken to do such pathogen removal in a manner that allows one's organs to flush the body safely and methodically. And support from a Rife Spooky2 program can aid the other organs in their jobs. One can program treatments with this additional aid to organs. ALSO--Spooky2 creates FRANKINCENSE oil frequency. This royal oil Frankincense has been shown that cancer cells cannot live in its presence. I have typed for too long. RESEARCH series Ty Bollinger's: "the TRUTH ABOUT CANCER." Even teeth and fillings or root canals impact your health and many a foreign cancer center will check your mouth first to get it healthy before starting any cancer treatments. Another good source for keeping body healthy is Dr. David Brownstein of Michigan, who has a blog. BEST OF LUCK in your quest. Finally, do not take a doctor's word as gospel even they are human and make errors. Question everything & do your research. After all, you only have one body so make it count.

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