My 17 year old son has been trying to get rid of the under arm rash for at least 6 month. We tried almost everything: colloidal silver, ozonized olive oil, tea tree oil, clotrimazol cream and hydrocortisone cream. Any recommendation on the frequencies?

1. Search for:

MMS/Chlordioxid/CDS/CDS-Plus (maybe in combination with DMOS). That is a global antibacterium with no side-effects. You could use it also as an internal Treatment.

If you want to try Spooky then use contact mode with:

100% DC Offset (this is very relevant)

Frequency 4 Hz / square wave (but the frequency and the Signal form is a not much relevant point)

over the Colloidal Silver Output. (Boost 2.0 or 3.0)

Amplitude 5-20V (there should be a DC current for about 50-500 uA if you are able to measure it),

Use sync.+ invert Option in the Spooky2 Software.

2. Here is my all-around formula for itch/hives/insect/bites/open wounds/deodorant:

Coco-lavander mix

1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
1 Tablespoon of beeswax
2 tsps. lavender oil for the mix
1/2 tsp lavender oil for the container


Prepare in advance, a sterilized container and let cool. Must be dry before using. Add 1/2 tsp lavender oil then immediately cover tightly so as not to let the scent of the essential oil dissipate.

Melt beeswax, when melted, remove from stove and add the coconut oil, stir until coconut oil melts. Let cool, but watch, don't walk away from it, the moment the mixture gets cloudy (I test this by getting a barbecue stick/chopstick and dip it in the mix to get a drop, put this drop on the side of the pan or dark saucer, when it gets cloudy fast, it is ready to use) but make sure no more smoke is visible (tip: look closely from side of pot), add 1 TBSP of lavender oil into the mix and stir quickly and immediately transfer to your container, stir a little, cover tightly and refrigerate. When it is formed but soft, it is ready to use.

It is important that the essential oil is added to the coconut oil-beeswax mix when it is no longer emitting smoke and to immediately transfer to your container which you prepared in advance to avoid the oil from dissipating.

For wounds, wash well, clean with hydrogen peroxide (3%) then put a generous amount of the cream on the wound, cover with just one layer of gauze, but should be able to get ventilation so it will heal faster. Put the tape around the edges of the gauze to leave enough room for the air to enter. Do this three times a day (morning noon and night). Each time you change try to look at the wound if you see it healing.
This cream melts at 76 degrees F, so it melts in your skin and gets absorbed. This is due to the coconut oil.

This can be used as underarm deodorant too. Just make sure it is absorbed by the skin before you put on your clothes -- around 15 minutes. If are going for exercise, put more so you will be odor free. Some swear it does not give them b.o while exercising.

Good face moisturizer;

Great for burns. No scarring and the pain does not linger;

Diaper rashes and insect bites.

Instead of putting lavender oil, substitute with citronella oil and you have an insecticide you can use on your body. For children, put on hemlines.

Good UV Protection but gives nice tan. Thing is you will have to reapply every 15 minutes or so.

Just add the lavender oil to the coconut oil and it is great for massage. A few people said they put it on their knees and their arthritis/rheumatism pains are greatly diminished. I have not tried it for this purpose though.

You might want to check his beddings for insect/bug.


For more details, please check the link:

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