My little eight-year-old sister has been having constipation for over a year so we have put her on the Constipation (CAFL) frequency and the Detox 4 Toxins Throughout. Is this the correct one and how soon should we notice a difference?

1. Almost every frequency in Constipation CAFL is in Detox 4. So you can get away with just running Detox 4. However... if you are running Detox 4, you'll be leaving all kinds of microbial waste in your system and if your sister is constipated, it's not going anywhere. Most will just get reabsorbed. Many practitioners think "all disease begins in the gut". Non-regular people have a big issue with reabsorbing their toxins.

By far the most effective temporary fix for constipation are enemas. Water enemas to start and you might look at coffee enemas, or advanced level which is the MMS enema. And added bonus, results are near instantaneous. Beyond the short term relief, she really needs your parents or maybe you to have a frank, honest look at her diet and water consumption. Being constipated really comes down to either too much processed food, too little fiber or too little water during the day. Or possibly all three. IMO frequencies are the wrong move here until you get the constipation resolved.

2. I am not financially associated with any Web sites. That being said, here is a link to a gentle daily tea detox that I did for nine months. It helped my gut to rebalance and I do not think that anyone could possibly be constipated drinking this 2x day. There is also a free e-book to download.

3. I recommend eating more fresh vegetables (not frozen) and less meat/processed foods and drink more water. My doctor says I should be drinking 3 litres of (filtered) water a day so for a child maybe 1 litre of water a day should work. Adding extra fruit into the diet, 2-3 prunes a day will help.

For more details, please check the link:

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