During terrain we have had strong pain in adrenal lower back area has this to do with the detox? Sometimes a feq gives me a headache other times it just feels like the energy is stuck in a particular area and just causes pain. What would be the cause?

If you get a headache from a frequency or feel bad, make a note of it and post it to the forum so we can compare it with other lists {try to identify the exact frequency that does it}.

I'd suggest to skip any frequencies which make you feel bad. Results may be individual here.

For strong pain in lower back, adrenals, please try and get the frequency/set that is causing the issue / skip that set.
Usual things like making sure you are drinking plenty of water whilst running sets so kidneys do get flushed.

A good set to run, search on here, is the schumman resonator by Jeff K, and the Kundalini set. These sets are good to run to try and get back into balance.

Keep notes of what you do so you know what works and doesn't for you. If you spot patterns please let others know on here.

For more details, please check the link:

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