Lyme reinfection from one tick bite.

1. My opinion is, that as a functioning immune system is necessary for antibx to work effectively, using frequencies would be the best way to deal with the situation but you need to get onto it asap to prevent the spirochetes from entering the cells.

Something else l have just thought if is, that if you have reached stage three of chronic Lyme, according to Dr Connors, who incidentally uses rife machines in his treatment, you will trigger more autoimmunity if you use herbs or antibx.

2. I had read through the Rife megathread on the Lymenet forum and recall reading in it that some had used Rife to treat a new bite.

See these posts by secondtimearound:

And this one by catskillmamala:

3. From any tick bite one can get so many chronic diseases later on, even partly (or mostly) unknown.
Next time...

I would throw at it the first weeks anything I could think of. Just preventing any crap to get a foothold.

Since you (and I) already have lyme. I guess there are no good answers!...
I would do as much, as herxes would allow not for 6 months, but overkill for just the first 3 weeks. For luck.

I would go on prevention herbs for bloodflukes and microfilaria
Red marine algue, spirulina, vit c therapy, spectrum sweeps and encyphalitis spooky programms to prevent encyphalitis (and loads of other vira, like al herpi)

I Know I should not write it here, but I would do anything for 3 weeks to prevent mycoplasma's and chlamydia's bartonella babasia's ehrlichia's nanobacters etc etc to get a foothold. It will safe so so much work later on.

As I read it. You are already late for preventing othere B regarding ab.
sweeps, hymalaya salt indeed is milder for blood pressure (no partial osmotic pressure). Celtic salt needs to be baked (spores), baking soda, nano silver, mms bath

Spooky is excellent for killing almost all.. but you have to find the correct frequencies of all serovars probably when it is almost systemic. For me 3 weeks wouldn't be enough to prevent everything possible in a tick bite using spooky.

It simply come down to choices, weighting a lot of pro's and cons. What you prefer to solve and fight. Now and later.

If you get ill from everything you will get candida anyway, I like to think that shorter ab use won't kill all the good bacteria in your gut. I agree it's bad. That's not the discussion.

I would also address "lyme" stress Mg 500%b3 omega3, loads of good spooky programms also herx preventer helps. I think lyme unhappyness is a significant part of the picture.

Besides all this... any spooky machine would be running 24/7 over here ofc

For more details, please check the link:

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