I wish to use plasma as looking at item #4 it appears that by using plasma the entire terrain protocol can be ran in about 12 hours. I want to hit the road running and start fast and strong with the treatment of Lyme.

I understand your desire to start hammering the Borrelia and riding your daughter of this disease. However the plasma transmission mode is very powerful and going too fast too quickly can result in extreme herxheimer reactions.

I have been treating Lyme with Spooky Central for 6 months now and have documented my progress in another thread. However I did not use the Morgellons protocol or the Terrain protocol. Lyme patients tend to be very sensitive and can react strongly to even the detox and healing frequencies. I believe this is because they are often harmonics of some killing frequency for common Lyme co-infections. This subject came up in this thread (although it was a bit off topic):

Following the recommendations of the terrain protocol and starting by running Plasma for 12 hours over 4 consecutive days is practically a guaranteed trip to the ER for a Lyme patient. Note that Herxheimer reactions may not even begin for 48 hours after a treatment so at that point you may be in a deep hole.

The truth of the situation is that your daughter will likely be a guinea pig for using these protocols on a plasma device for Lyme. If anyone else has already run them please chime in with your experience.

My advice to you is join the Rifing Lyme Facebook group and follow that protocol. It starts out very gently running frequencies for as little as 30s. It was developed for Lyme patients specifically and there are actual remission stories. Most of them use a different plasma device that nonetheless works similarly to Spooky Central. If you want to do the Spooky terrain protocol use the remotes as they will be much more gentle.

For more details, please check the link:

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