Is there a program we could run to protect from a flu/viral infection with remote?

1. Take a quality vitamin C say 500mg (slow release) and vitamin B complex and vitamin D3 every day to boost your immune system and drink filtered water regularly during the day.

2. Colds and Flu virus is problematic due to rapid mutations so all I can suggest is to try the different cold and flu sets and see what works for you.

3. If you have sore throat and or coughing search for "sore throat" and "streptocococcus" and try and find what works for you.
My experience is that if you don't get some relief within 1 hour try a different set.

Run frequency sets using square wave on remote with black disc.

4. You could try Bruce Stenulson's normalizing and Stimulating frequencies:

Beneficial, 'Normalizing', and Stimulating Frequencies

The following frequencies fall generally into the category of "Bio-Energetic or Bio-Resonance Nutrition / Balancing", rather than the "Rifing" approach of 'blasting apart pathogens'. These experimental frequencies are offered as 'balancing' or 'normalizing' or 'stimulating' to body system functions.

This fits with the view and understanding of the body as an energetic system, rather than as a biochemical 'machine'. Resonance Energy is then theoretically received by the body as "Energetic Information".

Books by Dr. James L. Oschman, MD, ["Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis"] and Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. ["Vibrational Medicine For The 21st Century"], will provide further background for this viewpoint for those interested in researching this subject further.

The potential power of the 'intentionality' involved in using these frequencies for these specific purposes should also not be overlooked or underestimated. Much remains to be learned and written. Feedback on the research application of these frequencies and results will be welcomed.

Normalize Adrenal Function 1335 Hz
Normalize Pituitary Function 635 Hz
Stimulate Increased / Normalized HGH Production [Pituitary] 1725 Hz, 645 Hz, 1342 Hz
Stimulate Normal Pineal Function 480 Hz
Stimulate Normalized Hypothalamus Function 1534 Hz, 1413 Hz, 1351 Hz
Normalize Endocrine System Function 1537 Hz
Stimulate / Normalize Immune System Function 835 Hz
Stimulate Normal Colon Function 635 Hz
Stimulate Normal Thyroid Function 763 Hz
Normalize Progesterone Levels; (in sequence ) 763 Hz, 1446 Hz, 1443 Hz, 763 Hz
Normalize Estrogen Production Levels: male & female 1351 Hz
Normalize Testosterone Production Levels: Male 1444 Hz
Normalize Testosterone Production Levels: Female 1445 Hz
Stimulate Normal Pancreas Function 654 Hz
Stimulate Normal Liver Function 751 Hz
Stimulate Normal Kidney Function 625 Hz
Stimulate Normal Heart Function 696 Hz
Normalize Blood Pressure 15 Hz
Stimulate Normal Nervous System Function 764 Hz
Stimulate Normal Lymph System Function 676 Hz
Stimulate Increased Lymph System Circulation 15 Hz (15.2 Hz)
Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation 337 Hz
Stimulate Increased Blood Flow / Circulation 17 Hz
Normalize Red Blood Cell Production 1524 Hz
Normalize White Blood Cell Production 1434 Hz
Normalize Hemoglobin Production 2452 Hz
Stimulate the Reinforcement of DNA Integrity 528 Hz
Stimulate the Reinforcement of RNA Integrity 637 Hz
Stimulate Clarity of Thought / Mental Function 35 Hz
Stimulate the Stabilization Of Emotional States 15 Hz
Stimulate The Clearing of Emotional Trauma / Energy Blocks 15 Hz
Stimulate The Balancing Of Spiritual Well-Being 1565 Hz
Reduce Chemical Sensitivity 443 Hz
Reduce Electrical Sensitivity 657 Hz
Stimulate the Normalization of Calcium Metabolism 326 Hz
Stimulate Repair / Healing Of Nerve Damage 578 Hz , 764 Hz, 657 Hz, (also try 2.0 Hz, 657 Hz, 10,000 Hz, 5,000 Hz ?)
Stimulate The Healing Of Bones 7.0 Hz
Stimulate the Healing Of Ligaments 9.7 Hz
Stimulate The Healing Of Muscles 13.5 Hz
Stimulate the healing of Capillaries 15.2 Hz
Reduce Swelling of Herneated Disc 25.4 Hz; 326 Hz, 15 Hz
Reduce Excess Fluid Retention in Joints & Tissues 15 Hz, 24.3 Hz
Reduce General Back Pain (Fibromyalgia) 326 Hz to 328 Hz
Stimulate Inocine Production (stroke recovery, etc.) 2642 Hz
Accellerate the healing & clearing of scarring 5.9 Hz

You cold try the sets for the immune system, or whatever sets regarding the organ you want.

5. Or use "Thieves" oil formula just prior to and at the event.
Place on nasal area or/and carry a tissue with the oil on it and breath it in periodically.
Chew on some fresh Rosemary too.

6. I would add to all the above suggestions to take a Vitamin D3 supplement, and have your D blood levels checked. My MD is pleased with my last check in the 90 range which is high "normal." The last flu vaccine that I took was the first Swine one in the late 70's - the one that killed and paralyzed many... I have only had the "flu" once, in the summer of 1997 (I think) and was a period of time that I had let my D3 supplementation slide. That experience was really bad! Mercola suggests in past articles that D3 can help tx viral infections including flus and colds. You can search his site for past articles on the subject.

7. You can try colloidal silver.

For more details, please check the link:

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