I have squamous cell carcinoma and am going to have radiation soon. Has anyone had success treating it with spooky while having radiation and if so what frequency set did you use and what detox program?

1. What stage is the cancer at? If stage IV and the cancer has metastasized then Spooky2 Central plasma is the preferred way to go with the four generator set package.

If it's there personal choice to do radiation/chemo and they are not being pressured by the doctors to do it well and good as long as they have done their own independent research on long term cancer survival rates for those doing this type of treatment.

Start with Terrain protocol for one week continuous if time permits. Then focus on treating the specific cancer type and additional vitamin supplement support. Also recommend that they do alternative cancer protocols as well. Search the forum for posts on the specific cancer type.

For more details, please check the link:

2. I have the same thing with fist sized tumor under my jaw and neck and have had good success with 2 target programs I put together I can send them to you to look at if you like using the 2 unit cancer protocol as a guide line I alternate the target programs target program 1 has streptothrix and fibrosarcoma target 2 I used Papillomavirus Cyst, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, tumor reduction.

I recommend the video series by Ty Bollinger - https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/

Detoxing the body and providing additional vitamin supplements are vitally important to help win the battle.

A simple alternative cancer protocol is the Budwig cancer protocol -

As well as doing Rife Spooky2 treatments for cancer, also add in the following: immune system stimulation, general inflammation sets, blood cleanser cancer on a regular basis. Repeat the Terrain protocol say every 8-10 weeks.

3. I've been using fibrosarcoma and try using different frequencies, as more than one cancer may be involved. You will feel it when you hit a frequency and that's what I do, but don’t load more than one at Time as you won't know what one is a hit. I was surprised that my squamous cancer responded to so many other ones.

4. My nose has gotten better, but it is still there so I have to keep at it. I go to a natrupath who uses a vega machine so I can get a diagnosis. I started of with melanoma and breast cancer and got most of that by black slave and tonic squamous cell in the nose big time. Now I'm rifing, but she now,picked up small intestine and leukemia , so I'm trying to find the right frequency for them and when I do they ping away like mad. I would do a scan but I put my pulse always somewhere safe and now cannot find my safe place, my brain was a total fog then. I better get another one I think all the best to you, we might not beat the cancer, but I'm sure we will manage it and live a lot longer in comfort than the chemo journey.

5. The black salve should be on for 24 hours cleaned off left to see what happens of little white spots appear or the room one large ends. You can put black salve on it again in a couple of days to further penetrate and Paul bad cells to the surface. I would like to know how many days you've been treating.

6. Perhaps you Ladies could supplement this this:
unless there is a frequency salvestrol seen it's a natural substance.

7. I have a BCC on the side of my nose and been frantic to heal it as I've lost an area of flesh and starting to look noticeable, surgeons want to do MOH surgery/plastic surgery, I'm scared as heck and cannot have that done. I've tried BEC 5, Castor oil and bicarbonate of soda, C oil topically and ingested, Pure aloe and others with no success. I did try black salve plus the supplements and it did draw out some white fungal looking tumours but left roots and the BCC has spread out over time. I'm praying the spooky will work. Please keep me posted how you get on and vice versa. 

For more information please check this link:

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