My husband was diagnosed brain cancer called glioblastoma. Any suggestion?

1. Glioblastoma is a very ugly diagnosis with an abysmal treatment statistic using allopathic treatment. One year after diagnosis is a pretty good outcome, from what I've seen and read on the subject, considering the treatments your husband has undergone thus far. His doctors will most likely pat themselves on the back for 'giving you' this time. A friend's mom only got 4 months after 'treatment'. Neither she or the family wanted to consider electromedicine even tho I could have helped them with this hands on.  

You are currently fighting against some pretty big odds with your husband and I'm not sure contact with electromedicine would be advisable considering the epilepsy. Remote would absolutely be do-able. I do know someone who ran a cancer protocol on someone remotely for a brain tumor. There was some amazing improvement but no follow-up on long term results. My *personal opinion* is that Spooky is worth trying if you are able to get it up and running by yourself. It's a bit of a learning curve if you know zero about 'rife'. Not saying that its not do-able but you are in a rather desperate situation and I don't want to advise you to take on something that sets you up to feel responsible if you fail. There is always hope and if Spooky sounds like something you're interested in, then you should get it and you will have it for your family regardless of the outcome with the glioblastoma.

If you have access to Cannabis Oil then I would HIGHLY recommend using that. I personally know someone who shrunk an inoperable brain tumor and was cancer free 5 yrs later. I would also recommend doing some kind of emotional The Emotion Code (search the forum for this). Essiac Tea may also be a good idea.

2. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with very late stage brain cancer and no amount of painkiller would relieve her of headaches. She was too sedated she was in vegetative state from high dose morphine and other pain killer drugs - a cocktail.

I gave her Pau D'Arco tea in a mug with one ml of DMSO. It worked, no pain at all, and in fact her family stopped giving her the morphines and other drugs. When the doctor found out, he was furious. But the husband and daughter kept giving her the tea. It at least gave her a decent life where she could communicate fully and eat solids, although bed ridden.

Pau D'Arco is prepared in a special way:

"The most effective ratio is 3 tablespoons tea with one quart of distilled or processed water (3/4 cup per gallon). Add the tea to pot (glass or stainless steel) of cold water. After water starts to boil, "low boil" for at least 20 minutes. You may add more water to bring liquid level back to start level. You can make it a bit stronger if you have health problem...
Do not use aluminum or tin containers.
Pour the tea through a piece of linen cloth, tea strainer or coffee press device.

Avoid extremely hot tea. You can add a sweetener of choice. The tea stores well in the refrigerator."


"It is recommended that if you are afflicted with any serious disease that you drink at least four (8oz) glasses of Pau D'Arco tea each day. I drink two glasses a day as a preventative. Of all cases that I am familiar with, most have been completely helped in less than 4 months. Many affliction with pain have seen total relief in 1 to 3 days."

Above quote is from our former vendor, Roger S, who supervised the harvesting in the Amazon. Sadly, he has gone missing now. His Pau was the best from the Amazon Forest.

I am sure the others in www would be as good. Search for those from the Amazon and comes from the inner bark of the tree.

3. From Dr Axe about Pau D'arco ...

These chemicals have the power to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Recalling RRRife, and his discovery of causes of cancer, it is no wonder Pau D'arco worked for cancers.
Most issues are pathogens, toxins, or damage, few are genetic.
Clearly the "successes" of "standard care" from Drs with C has been suspiciously limited.(1-3%)
Keep sending us your $ for we are so close to "finding a cure."

Somewhere I read that people given ElectroConvulsiveTherapy ECT (Cuckoos Nest) have reversals of some issues like alzheimers. You know those diseases that they don't know the cause.
Perhaps that shocking killed the pathogens in the brain?
And some struck by Lightening had their arthritis eliminated.

4. We are in the same situation - the brain tumor programs weren't enough and we have just gone through a second surgery.
I continue to run all of them "just in case" on one machine. Spooky Sweeps have not been effective; and these were run on 3 machines for 5 weeks continuously. GB4000, MOPA & BX / BY treatments over 8 months wasn't enough either.

Is this a primary or secondary cancer? If their was a previous cancer (such as breast which was the case for someone else here) some time in the past then you could run those programs on it.

I have also looked into the "virus" angle a little bit; and have had some success getting rid of warts etc which have popped up since the chemo. Some of these are implicated in glioblastoma. You also need to know that just because they say it is glioblastoma it may be composed of other tumor types arranged in layers. Really, I think there is a frequency set which will work -- it is just a case of finding it & knowing that you have found it. Many things can help but its a case of whether they help enough to stop the oncoming train.

Since MRI are few and far between it is difficult to get an accurate idea on what is working - I think you do need to have some way of measuring your progress. PET scan can't often be used because of previous radiation treatment.

Other than this; I think doing lots of detox programs on multiple machines would be a good idea.

You could try contacting Global Health Clinic in Auckland for a detox regime which we think helps.

5. Have you all tried running 1744 for a week?

If already had Chemo:

Normalize Testosterone Levels Female - 1445 Male 1444
Endocrine System Balance - 1537
Hormonal Imbalances - 5.5
Estrogen Production Balance - 1351

For the Immune that will be down after chemo:

T Lymph Virus -

White Blood Cell Stimulation -

Was looking through old notes so thought I would post them for help with detox:


Detox Toxins Elimination 2 -
Mercury Toxicity V - CAFL.
Lymphs and Detox - CAFL
Liver Function Balance - XTRA
Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidney
Detox 1 Toxins in the Intestine - CAFL
Detox 3 Liver and Kidney
Lymphangitis and Streptococcus Pyrogens

6. You could consider the following experimental Spooky configuration settings:- Duty Cycle 93% / Positive Offset +100 / Dwell Multiplier 0.35 / Repeat Program '0' (for 24/7 operation, subject to Herx effect).

Your family member could also seriously consider the following Essential Oils from Young's:- Frankincense; Clove; Grapefruit; Palo Santo and Immu-Power.

7. If this were me I would do all of the above suggestions.

I would also buy the DNA set from Char for BK virus

I would also take Apricot kernels.

I would also add Novodalin B17 tablets to all of it. Might want to read some of the reviews on this product.

8. I know someone who had an inoperable brain tumor and used holistic modalities including radionics (another form of electromedicine). What she credited as shrinking the tumor was Hemp Oil. I contacted her 5+ years out when a friend's mom got Glioblastoma and this woman was still doing great (no more tumor). My friend's mom chose 'traditional' treatment and was dead in 4.5 months.

Brain tumors have an abysmal cure rate. If you can do the Hemp Oil, *do* it. Electromedicine should be used with attention to detail as it can create initial swelling before shrinking. I would try very hard to get some kind of bio feedback (like Zyto) done which would assist with determining what Spooky programs to target and what nutritional aspects need to be addressed.

9. Last year I was asked for assistance in a glioblastoma case. The person in question (adult male) lives in another town, some 200 kms away from my place. Never met him. His wife was 'intermediary' (visits my town occasionally). He already have had a brain surgery (tumor removal). As that doesn't eliminate the cause of the tumor, in an attempt to prevent eventual future development, for his glioblastoma we have run these three sets (in the attached file) as the main components of the whole 'package':

Please check the attachment.
Glioblastoma - Cytomegalovirus

To save the file:
copy file (save attachment) into C:\Spooky2 directory.

To use this file / frequencies:
In Spooky: open "Advanced" panel
--> click "Select Database"
--> click/select file: XM_Glioblastoma.csv
Close "Advanced" panel.
3 lines (freqs sets) are shown (top, left).

To revert back to Spooky's main database, use again 'Advanced' panel => [Select Database], select the name: 'Frequencies.csv' and [Open] it.

The person in question was advised about apricot kernels, as per:

He was also advised to eat at least 5 to 7 fresh garlic cloves daily. Three sulfur compounds from garlic are able to get through the blood brain barrier and induce cancer cell apoptosis and prevent future cell growth (i.e. able to kill brain cancer cells, specifically glioblastoma). Garlic also flushes toxins and most heavy metals (especially mercury and cadmium) from the body (kidneys, liver, brain, bones). These sulfur compounds in garlic bind to heavy metals.

His wife has been also preparing for him that sodium (or potassium) bicarbonate + honey / molasses mixture. (All of the above after the surgery).

Later, owing to my own situation, I have lost contact with that family, so don't know the results of his later tests (his condition).

Frequencies were run during one week, on two UD-Bs (older gen).

On this new XM gen I would try sets for the virus (first two sets) with pure square wave as well as with all four of the advanced waveforms (damped sine & square, H-Bomb sine & square), i.e. select another set each time you run these two sets (if you do).

The third set 'Cancer Cells' I would run as a simple square, or damped sine or damped square (without Holland effect 11x, i.e. w/o F2 = F1 X option). As for the first set for the virus, run it also w/o F2 = F1 X option.

Consider also Black Seed Oil / Nigella Sativa (used successfully in my neighborhood).

On another note, for those waiting for my reply: I'm back home after a month and a half, still recovering from the two serious injuries (bone/hip/joints & head/brain) that forced me to move from my place to a quiet retreat, and I'm still working on getting the body back in order. Few more days to catch up with everything here.

For more details, please check the link:

10. Here is a link to some more information on the Spooky2 Rife user forum, please join -

here are some quotes from the above link - I highly suggest you read it, Much great information, including some from David Bourke Here are some questions & information on what I did in similar situation. - author per post

Is the brain tumor primary or secondary? Do you have a diagnosis of the type? Is she on any medication?
This will make a difference to the programs to select first. You are very fortunate to have SC.

Very briefly and without knowing any of the specifics I would suggest that the best course is to work on the tumor frequency sets one by one (2hrs maximum at a time, and say twice per day maximum giving time to detox) and see if any of them make a beneficial improvement; monitor closely.
Tumors may well be a symptom of cancer and bad terrain but a very dangerous symptom; so I think you should work on what is most dangerous first. Similarly; if a fire starts in your house; you first reach for the extinguisher, it is too late to start emptying the rubbish bin.
The tumor programs to run may change over time so this isn't easy. I have been through this myself, as have several on this site, so believe me when I say document what you do... so you know what does/doesn't work. If its primary start with Cancer Astrocytoma.
It is important not to do too much as brain inflammation can result and symptoms will get worse... and you won't necessarily know why.

If you want to run some detox sets, or Schumann resonance 7.83Hz, on a generator with a white-remote 24x7 that would be a good idea.

11. There are a lot of studies showing that garlic helps kill cancer cells in glioblastoma. If you put [garlic glioblastoma] into a search engine, you'll find lots of articles.

Apparently berberine-containing herbs have a similar effect on glioblastoma cells. The thing about berberines like goldenseal is that they tend to kill off good gut flora as well as pathogens. When I took it for another problem, I was supplementing with probiotics. Here's an article:

12. Don't know if this is correct or not but Dr. Hulda Clark stated that all cancers no matter where in the body stem from the colon and that all who had cancer have intestinal flukes. I have been running a kill frequency for intestinal flunked as well as colon cancer as I was recently diagnosed with Appendix cancer which attacks only one person in a million. Unfortunately when my Dr removed my appendix and the large tumor he was careless by taking it through my belly button instead of just taking it out surgically by my abdomen so it leaked into all my abdomen. So much for drs. Anyway I would suggest targeting the intestinal flukes, doing some detoxing physically then go for some high colonics done a few weeks apart and that will help pull a lot out of your body.

13. I would use PEMF on this.

If i do a short test on myself with using a high powered PEMF device (DIY build device, magnetic field generated about 1.3 Tesla or 13000 Gauss) on my Brain then i feel almost nothing but maybe some kind of Relaxation. I assume for myself that this is save so i have no problem doing it.

Another treatment withing the electric medicine is:

They say that they use a low level use electric field. If you want to do this then use contact mode (large Pads) and isolate them electrically so there is no current flow through the head but only this low electric field generated.

But this seems a ineffective way to do it because you have to do this treatment 24h/day as they say.

This seems to me too conservative, but this may be more save to do.

The target is to kill the bacteria within the cancer cells. Pulsed high magnetic or electric fields do this. This is why you need only a short time of this treatment. 1 Minute should be more than enough.

There is a saying that low level PEMF could or may result in a blown-up tumor. (after this blown-up the tumor will shrink). This is because the energy may be too low to kill the bacteria but give them more energy. This is why i prefer the high powered PEMF (from the Spooky Plasma PEMF output or a DIY PEMF device as a said before. "Roman Nowak" on this forum sell those devices) for this problem.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Dr Stanislaw Burzynski has a remarkable treatment for brain cancer..He's the real deal.

    In between a vegan alkaline diet and ZERO sugar, intermittent fasting is effective. Research the effectiveness of hyperbaric therapy for brain cancer. 


    I say call the Burzynski clinic and speak to the man who has cured thousands No chemo or rads ! ! ! 

    Here is his link.

  • Absolutely amazing amount of information   It is very much appreciated. 


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