Is there a preset for losing weight? How to do weight management with Spooky2?

1. I share here with some points. They are safe and very easy to follow, but requires PATIENCE on the part of user / follower. Also some vigilant eye on the progress is helpful.

Weight Management Tips.
I am not giving here things that one has known all the way. It is just a compilation here with due respect to every persons. Please do not feel as if I am trying to teach something. Its a friendly humble help, I felt to provide. Thanks for your Understanding.

(1)Understanding your body type (Ayurveda Theory) People who appear to be overall fat are actually of KAPHA TYPES. Other types being PITTA and VAATA. One can be of even other permutation / combinations of these three Types, like Kapha-Pitta; Kapha-Vaata; Pitta-Vaata. In overall Body Fat deposits / Personalities, the Kapha Nature is pre-dominant. These personalities will eat less and even may not be able to reduce weight, or while attempting such procedures, shall feel sick. They smell a food and get fatter. Best advice for such persons shall be to LOVE THEMSELVES AS IT IS, and continue with toning-up of their body as below.

Now consider a person who has disproportionate fat deposits, especially on waist line, face, back, thighs. This is indicative of some discrepancy in body organ functioning. At the start these persons, get the fat deposits around waistline and to be more precise firstly on Tummy Area (Belly Fat). Looking from back side they appear to be of perfect figure. Here you might have noticed the onset of Fat Deposits, i.e., starting from Tummy area, and then on any other place on the body. Hence, during any Weight Management Protocol, the reduction takes place in FILO (First In, Last Out) basis and not FIFO (First In First Out) basis. So Tummy Fat Deposits shall go away after a much longer time, even if one is religiously following the protocol. One must continue it lovingly. Results shall come. Please note that fat persons cannot initially perform even light exercises, but later they shall do some light exercise to help aid Belly Fat reduction, faster and proper shaping of the body.

(2)Skinny is Healthy: Research has established the fact that Skinny people are Healthier. But this does not mean that one should go for a CRASH DIETING PROTOCOL. Never, never and never. Eat balanced diet, eat regularly and at periodic intervals and keep fit. Happily and Joyfully achieve your aim of WEIGHT REDUCTION. IT IS VERY EASY, and YES! Anyone can achieve it. Once the body rhythm is maintained, fat deposits shall melt away automatically. I shall explain, soon, how to do it. At present instilling in all the interested ones the essence of PATIENCE.

Understand Japanese: If not present generation, at least one generation back. Japanese are Resilient and have certainly very nice things in their daily routine. One of those things is NIBBLING their food. For this understand your body organs, STOMACH for instance. Make fists of your both hands, and keep one fist over the other, and you shall get an approximate idea of the size of your STOMACH. You shall also understand, whether one is over-stuffing the stomach while eating or keeping some space vacant for stomach to exercise its duty in a proper way.

NIBBLING: It is opposite of GOBBLING (Shoveling). We are generally equipped with 32 Teeth, So each food morsel should be chewed at least 32 times before ingesting. BITE AS MUCH, WHAT YOU CAN CHEW, ELSE... This may be difficult for softer foods like Rice, fruits etc, so there it can be 24 – 30 chews and grinding the food properly in the mouth itself. This is nibbling the food, where upon it is mixing properly with Saliva, and thus reducing the overload on stomach. No Gas problems, Better Colon Cleanse, Better Nutrition absorption in the body, better sleep, better energy levels, and what not. Keeping a small portion of Stomach, vacant is something better explained in this example.

Imagine two glass jars with lids. One is 3/4th filled with 2-3 layers of colored Sand , other jar filled with marbles, right up to the brim. Close the lids. Shake the two jars. One with the 3/4th fill of colored sand shall be easily be mixable into homogeneous mixture ( smaller granule size + 1/4th empty spacy as allowance). The other shall not even budge the marbles. Are you Gobbling (taking large morsels of food, dumping in the poor Stomach, up to throat and that too without chewing? You have the secret to weight management.
Little and Often is far better than Dubious Quantities at one time.

This is obvious in the example of oiling your sewing machine. Little-little drops of oil, periodically, OR wetting the moving parts with superfluous oil, which shall be flying off during use and spoiling your clothes. Take smaller quantities of food at one time, eat often, no problems.

Avoid Liposuction. Some very thin layer of fat, just below the skin is required for healthy functioning of the body. It is not a contributor to CELLULTE formation and not to be linked with obesity. Liposuction, sucks this GOOD FAT also and makes the body an open house for various infections / complications. Remember, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. You might have come across traffic slogans on Highways, "GO SLOW, GO SAFE, GO SURE." ; "SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS". And so on. So choose your way.

Frequency Healings and Calorie Burning:

We all are aware that Muscles in the body utilize / burn maximum calorie. If not burnt properly, then it results in Cellulite deposits. Frequencies are useful here for tonification of the body, since an overweight person is unable to perform exercise initially. These frequencies are very helpful.

ORGAN TONER Frequencies: The various frequencies and its effects are as follows I have used it since 2004 on various subjects, and have achieved 100 % results, and still using it for new subjects:- MAKE YOUR SET IN SPOOKY, with dwell time default of 5mts, i.e. = 300 secs. each for remote setting with feathering = =/- 0.02 %.

10 Hz Enhanced release of Serotonin (mood elevation); universally beneficial; Acts as an analgesic; safest frequency, especially for hangover and jet lag; Used for nicotine withdrawal, and such ADDICTIONS.

14.0 Hz Awake & alert; Alert focusing, vitality, concentration on tasks; In accordance with Schumann Resonance ( this is 2nd of 7 frequencies. 7.83 HZ being the first). It facilitates Pituitary stimulation to release Human Growth Hormone, HGH, (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects).

20 Hz for fatigue removing and general energizing. Causes removal of distress during / after labor. 20Hz is good frequency used in homeopathic vaccines for curing several ailments.

90 Hz Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing from within, Harmony in relations.

110.0 Hz Frequency associated with stomach. (Effects=vitality, life at every level) (higher octave of 3.84 HZ).

111 Hz Beta endorphins, very effective and useful for cell regeneration , especially for persons having crossed the age of 30 years.

147.0 Hz Associated with the spleen/blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse). Harmonizing effect on Spleen. Whatever you have eaten, gets digested properly.

164.3 Hz Frequency associated with Gall Bladder.

171.0 Hz Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat) (higher octave of 5.35 HZ)]; Also associated with intestines, regenerates the inner lining of intestines , if damaged due to abuse.

183.58 Hz (PLANET Jupiter ): This frequency is associated with the orbit of Jupiter (Tempo=86.05 * 172.1 BPM). Effects : Supports creative power and continuous construction) Responsible for Growth, Success, Justice, Spirituality , Inner Peace , Prosperity , Fame , Generosity, Continuity, Magnanimity, Joviality.

194.18 Hz frequency of Synodic "Earth" Day {the "day tone"} (Note=G) (Color=Orange Red) (Tempo=91.0 BPM) (Chakra=Muladhar/Base chakra) , Effect (GENERAL) = dynamic, vitalizing; Effect (Medicinal) = tonifies bones and other organs related to BASE Chakra ; Effects (Other) = "weather determining" , a spherical frequency, influences proteins, brings one into harmony with nature.

194.71 Hz Earth: stability, grounding of excess energy ; Key Of G resonates with frequency of earth day, the color orange-red, & has a dynamic, stimulating, and energizing effect on the body-mind.

220.0 Hz Frequency associated with lungs and collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability).

250.0 Hz Elevates and revitalize.

281.0 Hz Frequency associated with Intestines with respect to movement of food for processing and better assimilation.

281.6 Hz Frequency associated with Small Intestine.

317.83 Hz Frequency associated with Liver. This frequency corrects Liver performance, secretion of various vital juices is enhanced, so caution for overeating to be observed.

319.88 Hz Frequency associated with Kidney, causes easy and effortless cleansing of the body of TOXINS. Strengthens Kidneys functioning. Balances the two Kidneys for better functioning.

Cellulite Reduction Specific Frequencies
The Cellulite Reduction Frequency Set, is based on Barbara Hero's Human Organ frequencies.

Using a ratio of 3 activations of the muscle tuning fork to one activation of the fat cell tuning fork, the muscle and fat cells are stimulated and reminded of their respective healthy vibrations. A healthy fat cell knows when it is not needed, and has the ability to self-terminate.

This set is designed to trigger the release of excess fat cells, and trigger & stimulate muscle growth, which burns fat and increases the metabolism.While this set can be used for general weight loss, it can also be used for targeting specific areas of the body, with the help of pad type or tube type devices (CONTACT Type usages)

Fat Cell- 295.80 Hz &: Cellulite is nothing more than regular old body fat. The reason it has a rippled appearance is that it's compartmentalized by connective tissue in the deep layers of the skin. This condition is more common in women than in men because of anatomical differences in fat, connective and especially muscle tissue distribution in men and women's skin.

Muscle- 324 Hz: When muscles regenerate , they use more calories thus eliminating the root cause of FAT DEPOSIT. Also helpful for BODY BUILDING Exercises. When you have newer muscle(s), your body burns more calories: (a) To build the muscle and (b) To feed the muscle. So weight loss is achieved.

Spooky Setting for 295.8 and 324.0 Hz Frequencies as STAND ALONE SETTING, in 1:3 ratio =

Fat: Muscle can be as 295.8, 324=540 secs.; where normal Dwell time is 180 secs for 295.8.

In reverse order (3:1 = Muscle : Fat) it becomes 324=540, 295.8 with default 180 secs dwell time.
Whichever way, total time for both frequencies = 180 + 540 = 720 secs (12 mts). Run 5 times Repeat of this stand alone set, at least two times a day. And see the results.

Those who are aware of EFT technique, I am attaching here with Two Scripts, I have been using for WEIGHTMANAGEMENT, along with above frequencies and disciplines.

ENJOY and please forgive for such longer version of the post, if one has felt bored.

with L O V E to all and a happier, healthier life ahead.

To use:
Download the file and save it to C:\Spooky2
In Spooky2 top menu, choose Database / Edit Custom Database.
In editor top menu, choose File / Append and select the
Pankaj_weight_management.csv file.
Choose File / Save and close the editor.
Back in Spooky2, choose Database / Refresh Database to load the new frequency sets.

Choose your favorite Program (e.g. JW Healing). Under Apply choose +-.02% Feathering.
Search the frequency database for Weight or for Pankaj.

Double-click 'Weight Management' and 'Weight Management (cellulite)' to add them to your program.

Name the program as "My Weight Loss" in the Program/Patient name box. Then click the plus + sign to save it.
In the future, you can re-load the program "My Weight Loss" with all the settings and frequencies.

Additional Info - The use of EFT for Weight Management
Please see the following Files as attached.

2. My wife has been using the fat burn 1 program for a week now. She hasn’t been weighing herself but I can already see a difference in her. Going to use a grade scan this week to customize the program for her.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Thank you so much for this!  We do not yet have a system, but knowing we can get help on how to use it is so important.

  • I am about to buy equipment. To do all the above comfortably which kit would you kindly recommend please?

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