Follicular mite on lower eyelid of cat.

If it has anything to do with his/her eyelash follicles or tear ducts, I have had success with people using the following programs, which I have named "STYE" and run as a group (The following rapidly cut down the excruciating pain of the eyelid/tear duct swelling as well. Run remotely at 10V with Square Wave or Square Wave H-Bomb, repeating continuously 24/7 until resolution. Usually cuts down pain within 1/2 to 2 hours, resolution in ~4 days usually)):
Stye (CAFL)
Hordoleum (CAFL)
Eye Infected (CAFL)
Eyesight To Improve (XTRA)
and Colloidal Silver

The next time I encounter a situation calling for this program, I will add to it the following program as well:
Chalazion (KHZ)

If it is a Mite-type problem (Follicular Mite, Scabies, Dust Mite, Meal Mite, Demodex Mite, Bird Mite), with people I have run the following as a Contact program twice, and that should get rid of it:
MITES (CUST) (MITES freqs From Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD. This program is not in the Spooky Database): 682000=1200 W2 A10 O100, 707000=1200, 718000=1200, 877000=1200, 878000=1200, 735000=1200,

This Mite program is a 2-hour Custom contact program which I have named "MITES (CUST)", but I have never failed to get excellent results with it in getting rid of mites very, very quickly. I have run it with great success on people, cats, and dogs.

For animals, I have never failed to get excellent results (IOW Mites extinguished) running MITES remotely at 10V with Square Wave or Square Wave H-Bomb, repeating continuously 24/7 until resolution. When running this program remotely, it may take a few weeks to get the job finalized (I have seen it take 4-6 weeks max on wild kitties, 3-4 weeks on domestics easier to keep an eye on), although it seems to alleviate their discomfort very rapidly. Remember to launder or replace bedding and watch out for reinfection from the yard, etc.

NOTE ref Ear Mites: I have never yet had an Ear Mite situation to deal with, (Thus far it has all been eyes, eyelids, near eyelash follicles, elsewhere on body epidermis) so I cannot give feedback on an Ear Mite situation yet.

NOTE: FYI I have many times seen eyelid (and respiratory) problems resulting from scoopable cat litter. Some of that stuff uses cornstarch and/or other agglutinators, which turn into a very tenacious glue when they hit damp or wetness.

For more details, please check the link:

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