Are there any suggestions for a tennis elbow?

1. Run inflammation sets as well. I had tennis elbow and this is what the Phsiotherpaist showed me what to do:
Finger stretches - with arms stretched out rotate wrists so palm is facing upwards and gently press finger tips up against a table or wall. Gently apply forward pressure on the fingers as far as you can bear and then release. Repeat exercise several times a day.

Tendon massage - place your affected lower arm flat on the table, palm facing down, and with the other hand using the fingertip start near the elbow joint about middle of the arm apply as much pressure as you can bear on the sore tendon and slowly draw the finger down towards the wrist, repeat several times. Repeat exercise several times a day.

2. As a general rule I'd try each set one at a time so you have a better idea of which (if any) help. Also, its good if each frequency repeats at least once every 2 hrs.
Once you know the frequencies that are working then you can refine further.

Some of the CAFL sets can be a few +/- a few Hz of the listed frequency. I saw a recent post of Manuel's that recommended using a 0.05% triangle frequency wobble.
I'd suggest 16 or 32 steps.

I currently have been running the Khz sets at 100% offset. There are lots of knobs to twiddle, so again suggest just try one thing at a time.

3. My friend came for two sessions and felt relief. After heating pad & spiky ball, I pointed the laser at her tender spot for 30 minutes using Tennis Elbow Program and Cold Laser Preset.

Adding some thoughts and successful experience pre-Spooky that helped with my tennis elbow...

Start by using an infrared heating pad (or heating pad with wet cloth using plastic in between to protect pad) by heating the forearm up for 20 minutes. It is heat, not ice needed for healing tennis elbow. [If you feel the need to apply ice, apply only to ligaments and tendons which would be the small area of the elbow itself. Ice is generally applied only in the first 24 hours of an injury and this is usually not the case here].

Using a spiky ball (spiky, golf, rolling pin, some other household object) roll on the arm out from back of neck and shoulder blades down to hand (Do NOT roll on tendons and ligaments ~ only muscle). This will help relax the arm. Then focus on the small tight painful spot(s) that hurt. Focus on this area and hold tension on it. It should not be uncomfortable. Keep doing it on and off (about 10 seconds pressure and 10 seconds backing off a little). Over two minutes, you will be able to apply more pressure as this knot begins to release (May take more than one session). Heat and pressure will tell the brain to let go. Note: in tough situations, make sure to work out the knots in the shoulder and upper arm.

Here is a video which in essence does something similar:

Using the spooky lasers with the tennis elbow program start in the neck & shoulder muscles and move down the acupressure points all the way down to the middle & pointer fingers spending more time and moving in smaller increments around the tender area.
Repeat up to 2-3X/day over three days. If Spooky treatment can't be done, have them continue the heat and rolling out the arm.

Suggestion: When using Cold Laser therapy on acupuncture/acupressure points, if you feel comfortable, have person close their eyes and focus on their breath. A simple counted breath like 'Inhale to a count to 3, Exhale to a count to 3 is all that is necessary. When approaching the tender spot, have them 'Inhale with a count to 3, Hold for a count to 3, Exhale to a count to 3, Hold to a count of 3, Repeat.' It should be an easy breath without strain and count should be adjusted accordingly. There is potential to release any emotional trauma associated with the pain. Use judgment depending on situation.

Understanding Tennis Elbow:

Tennis elbow starts in the back/shoulder blades. Repetitive stress (mental, emotional...), the muscle tightens and shortens which in turn puts stress on the tendons and ligaments of the shoulder which stresses, tenses and shortens the bicep/triceps muscles, putting tension on the tendons and ligaments of the elbow which stresses the forearm muscle.... on and on all the way down to the fingers (carpal tunnel).

Do NOT pinch the painful spot between thumb and fingers. While it may give temporary relief, it sends conflicting signals to the brain and exacerbates the situation. Better to relive pain by putting applying pressure to the spot.

4. Use laser wrist fixed on the pain on your elbow and use the “ligament” and “ligaments” programs. Big success on myself.

5. I found this but you may have already seen them in the programs tab: Ulnar Nerve Compression Syndrome.

6. My instinct suggests either magnetic coil that can be used for local pain issues and tens pad contact to reduce inflammation and help the body heal.

For more details, please check the link:

For more details, please check the link:

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