Suggested settings for dental health.

We all know that dental health can be a source of many issues. I just ran into some good information from David B. regarding some dental sets I didn't consider before.

Previously I've ran Dental 1, 2 (XTRA), Dental and Jawbone Infections 1, 2 (XTRA), and Dental General (CAFL) as a program using the below same setup, with great results.

Now I'm trying the following sets per his wisdom. Dental Foci (CAFL), Dental and Jawbone Infections 1, 2 (XTRA), and Dental Infection (CAFL).

Both setups are roughly 3 hour 30 minute program loops. I'm running them using a white (BN) remote wired to a boost cable.

Also, while this is a killing program, I'm using the InvSawtooth Harmonic waveform that is available in the user forum. If you do not have this installed, you can use the Square Harmonic waveform that is already installed with Spooky2.

Don't forget to detox using a second generator, or after this program has completed. Suggest at a minimum, one runs this for 30 loops (105 Hours). Set Repeat Program = 30 if you wish to time it and have it stop automatically.

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