She has hyperacidity, aftes and sensitive mouth, red mucose membrane in mouth and white stains / peace, candida. She feels burning in stomach and vomitting. Now she left part of the body is swollen, it seems it should be a left kidney.

1. Dear, go please with your Mom to a thrustworthy doctor or in a good Hospital. There must be a professional who takes a Eye on her, better Two, because she needs to be in a stable condition. You should not risk that a organ like the kidney give up the duty.

If she has to be stabilized in the Hospital, please take the time to learn about the System. Then think about, that herbs and all stuff have also two sides, it depends on the dose. there has to be checked the hole system. Think about pure water and natural salt from stone for cocking, not from the ocean and not cheap one this is all dirty and rubbish. The doc should check the thyroid function. the blood and pressure.

2. One of the most powerful and simple actions to start right away is coffee enemas 3 times a day.
The research behind this is truly removes toxins while providing liver, Kidney and Gallbladder support.
Use distilled ozonated or just distilled water (do not use tap water).
Just one of several top cancer treatment specialist "Gerson" recommend 4-5 coffee enemas per day and major juicing.

Next I strongly suggest ESSIAC TEA ...
This is something very simple yet powerful to help your entire body, organ support, detox and kills cancer.
If you have internet access this link is wonderful to watch on Rene Caisse (Caisse spelled backwards is Essiac).

To support all organ function regardless of the disease you MUST detox the body majorly and as quickly as possible.
These 2 mentioned actions you can take will provide enormous support and fast.

Next would be Gallbladder Liver and Kidney cleansing (flush)
Again easily done with correct components as there are many online and will also detoxify the kidneys.

Lugo's Iodine (if you can get it) 6 drops in half of glass of distilled water at every meal.
This will provide enormous lymph support to assist with detox and lymph function.

Spooky machines are TRULY in a class all by themselves...nothing compares to this technology IN MY YEARS of research.
Yes it can appear daunting learning and seeing this all for the first time under pressure but you are not alone in this fight.
Spooky has many cancer freq sets but for detoxing (a foundational requirement FIRST) the enemas rule if urgent.
The Coffee also works its way up into your liver and further provides organ support to help it function optimally.

I'm sure there are other Spooky users here who could suggest specific kidney programs to run.
This is what I would do to address Kidney inefficiencies.... it always comes down to massive detoxing first.
The body must be ride of heavy metals as best as you can BEFORE you attempt any treatments.
If you bypass this core initial phase... then you will not get the results many have without it IMHO.

Gen 1 Run 24/7 TERRAIN PROTOCOL (235 hours total)
Gen 2 JW/Healing Remote 24/7...Run Mercury Toxicity V/Interleukin/Detox 4 Toxins Throughout
Gen 3 Uremia (run this on it's own for 14 days 24/7...this is John Steggman research/protocol)
Gen 4 JW/Killing remote & for contact Candida settings.

I cannot stress enough the importance to kill all parasites in your system after few days of prep of enemas/detoxing.
The black walnut green shell protocol from Hulda Clark is excellent which compliments/Turpentine and Essiac tea.

Regarding Candida...
I know people who have cured it after years of dealing with it almost instantly or over a few days.
You need to look up Dr. Daniels who did extensive research on the power of Turpentine (pure).
A dear friend/retired police officer suffered for 15 years as was given so many different drugs by Dr.s but none truly worked.
Then he learned of a tablespoon of sugar...teaspoon of Turpentine and glass of water to wash it down.
Within 1 hour the fifteen years of suffering was gone...he was blown away...and I have met others who also swear by it.
When I first heard of this I thought this is insane....Turpentine? That is poison I have always been told and for paint brushes.
But what you will learn is this treatment 2 hundred years ago the slaves used to heal them from many diseases.

I cannot stress enough to find time to research it and to assist I have attached Dr. Daniels very protocol to begin understanding.


3. If you are going the Turpentine route, diamond_g_forest_products on ebay 16oz 100% pure turpentine $17.99 Have used it internally with no problems.

For more details, please check the link:

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