I have neurological lyme. How to lessen the herx reaction? My symptoms are anxiety attacks at the smallest stress, tinnitus, eye reddness with stress, eye floaters, LSD-like dreams, head pressure, difficulty concentrating, muscle spasms, hip joint pain.

1. I've been treating my neurological Lyme with Spooky for a year now. I have not yet achieved remission but I have made a lot of progress.
I'm documenting it sporadically in this thread: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=4526

Rife appears to hit Borrelia in the brain much harder than any other treatment I've tried. It's essential to start really slowly with short session times and wait to see how intense the herx will be. Depending on which frequencies you used 15 minutes is a lot to run for your first session.

The first 6 months was hell, I won't lie. I Rifed every week or two and got massive flares in all my neurological symptoms. It was close to being unbearable at times. This is also after having treated Lyme for several years and having already made a lot of progress in reducing my neuro Lyme symptoms with other treatments.

I found that people who have recovered from Lyme using Rife felt the first 6 months to a year was very difficult due to the neuro herxes. I have found that after 6 months the herxes have become less neuro and more bearable.

Detoxing helps, for me the sauna is the best method and I use it a couple times a week. I don't think there is a panacea detox method to eliminate herxing though. When you kill Borrelia in the brain it will be painful and there is no way to get the toxin out immediately.

Finally, my recommendation would be to keep using some broad spectrum anti-microbial agent in addition to Spooky. Rife is like a sniper rifle but you have to know what to point it at. I feel there are other bugs involved in this that we don't know about yet. Broad spectrum agents will help to beat them down. You can also try to use Spooky sweeps for this but ymmv.

2. Make sure you never loose the frequencies you herxed on. Alkalizing scares back microbes a bit and gives some relieve and does some detoxing. You might already feel better taking some baking soda water in your mouth 2h away from any meals. there are other methods too.

I would guess with neurolyme that the chance that your nerves are also infected with (probably active) ebv is (far) more than 80%. It has a huge overlap with Lyme symptoms in the immunocompromised (Lyme). I would suggest that you could do a scan on that too.

Hang in there herxing is a positive thing just try to manage it. with Lyme chances are near 100% that you are suffering from more than 1 pathogen. (10 wouldn't be crazy even) Starting with yeast and molds (Candida among others).
search for post with probiotica. kefir. Etc. The terrain protocol probably has been mentioned.

3. I prepared endlessly to start with the borrelia self because I was scared about the herxes you described or because it was said you could not recover the other way.

I prepared to a point that it can't play it usual tricks on my immune defense and is a lonely guy now. I think I went a bit overboard preparing.

How stupid as it sounds. It is probably a small portion directly that the borrelia makes you ill. The bigger part is that it creates a bad working immune system with a couple of tricks (loosing the Zink for your immune response, mimicking resonances and antigens of other pathogens, aggravating the immune response until it is tired, then high Corticosteroid then high cholestorol then etc) Then other latent vira will do there part and cripple other kinds of immune cells, which in there turn (don't) keep other pathogens outside. The hospital will find a reasonable count, but won't measure if they move at all. (they do barely)

I read one time somewhere. "why do some ppl have borrelia and don't have lyme?"

I know I have to finish him off. I don't want to go back to the old days. so I have to pay attention to herxes and feedback (and my old logs). they are not hard, only interesting. I am glad with my headache today after 2 days work. It was so obvious but... I didn't connect the dots earlier. I remember , like you describe the fog, I didn't know which way to go from my local grocery 3 streets from my house a couple of years ago.

when you are seriously ill, finding the best frequencies is easy (technically), but you don't have the energy or brightness to log it well. I can advise you to log everything. later on you will need it to solve your problem 100%. Just run those sets even when you are "not" ill. Be persistent. Sometimes a hatchling breaks free and the story might start all over again.

Log the golden finds It is contradictory when you are ill, tired, learning and trying.

Try the NaHCO3. It will give you the energy and clarity to finish them off with your sp2 sc sniper.

Not because it attacks the BB directly but solves a lot of the surrounding mess and poison that it causes. Sometimes it can be as simple as that. You can simply let it be validated. Go somewhere to make pictures of your blood darkfield 2000x. When you have a good lyme situation you will find a zoo not only borrelia. test a week with baking soda 5x day away from meals. You will still have BB but a lot of opportunists and co's won't have liked it, but are still hidden maybe. You will have more energy and clarity to continue.

I could write books about it. But the info is already there.
ab => fungi yeasts => Probiotics + sp2
neuro lyme=> also ebv thanks to the bb (check the "separate/overlapping" symptoms for immunocompromised)

I must sound crazy. But if it was possible to find everything (in a perfect world) I would bet/put money on more than one or two dozens of co infections and opportunists (not all found in your blood).

Try do do some slow and fast scans while you are ill, how hard as that is. Log it, maybe even record it (camstudio set to 1fps, 50%, fixed region). It is valuable info the rest of the year.

In sp2 search for lyme, you will see prob >50 co's. Than any opportunist is possible also... sadly. Hence the terrain protocol. But after doing that you scans will be less obvious. I would advice doing them b4.

4. Sodium bicarbonate is a good suggestion. The only problem with it is that if you ingest it, how much of it enters your bloodstream depends on your stomach acid production (acid neutralises it). The most effective way to use it is to place a dry pinch of it under the tongue and leave it there. It will then enter the bloodstream directly via absorption through the rich capillary system under the tongue and in the floor of the mouth.

5. Comment on diet - I would strongly advise a gluten-free / low glycemic diet. Eat as "clean" as possible - no processed meats or GMOs. Think of it this way - you are either feeding the bacteria in your system (sugar) or trying to starve it. Also, eating simple and "clean" is much easier on your body's digestive system and filters which are overloaded from the die-off.

For more details, please check the link:

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