I'm wondering if anyone has encountered any success, using Spooky for severe Alzheimers/dementia.

1. After reading Dr MacDonald's research and others, I too agree that there is a strong suspicion that ALZ is caused by pathogens.

If true, then following the protocol's for Lyme might be worth pursuing, which would include supplementations to rebuild the damage to the nerve's myelin sheath as the pathogens cause cell damage.

A very effective nerve re-builder is Lion's Mane mushroom.
It is not uncommon in the woods and you can also grow it from spores purchased online.

I bought mine from local Farmer's Markets. Be sure it is fresh and white not brown.

It was a two step process to extract the value, 1-boil in water and then 2-extract with grain alcohol, combining both liquids.

It is readily available(for now) online. Mushroom formulas often include it.

With Chronic Lyme, there is a problem with auto-immunity. So, taking strong immune boosters may not be prudent.
Please research Dr. Klinghardt's suggestions. He discusses at length

Read this PDF as it describes a condition (HPU, KPU)that Dr K states 80% of Lyme infected people need to address in order to get better.
High incidence in Autistic children too.


Never place CONTACT pads/electrodes on the head and neck zones.
Only use the other methods, Plasma being the most efficacious, then PEMF.

Research Chaga, tinder fungus for overall adaptogenic help. It too can be found in woods, in Colder, Northern zones, Canada, Maine, Minnesota being the best, Michigan, WIsconsin too. It grows only on BIrch trees. BTW Birch tree sap is good for you too. It doesn't need to be boiled but, can be taken fresh from the tree.

2. Terrain protocol would be an excellent start as recommended by H.Rikkerink.

Search in box in upper right hand side of webpage located in 'The Spooky Forum' blue box for following:
*alzh* or *alzheimer* both return 121 results, mostly Alzheimer related.
This should help you with ideas for experimenting with Spooky2.

3. About a week ago, I started Alzheimers 1 thru 4 (XTRA) and the Alzheimer Disease (KHz) via remote for someone about 1600 miles away. 2 days ago, my subject had the best day in a long time. I don't know yet that it is going to continue to get better, or how much better or for how long, etc. But at this point, any better is better.

We are also running the Maintenance Program from the Morgellons Protocol to keep the detox pathways open, etc.

For more details, please check:

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