I have bb chronic room filling bad breath for 20 years now. I have coated tongue always, yellow gun on tongue, always infection feeling in my throat, sinuses etc. I tried bad breath preset, then candida, gum disease acid reflux.

1. If you select any of the Halitosis sets and look at its Additional Notes (beside the Spooky2 graphic icon), you'll see other suggestions listed. Have you tried these? You should also try sets for dental and jawbone infections, gingivitis, and stomatitis. The Dental Foci sets are also worth trying.

2. This can be caused by post nasal drip/tonsil stones. Nasal drip lands in the crypts/pockets of the tonsils. If tonsil stones are present, you may use the waterpik (teeth irrigator) on your tonsils to get those stones out of the tonsil pockets. This can cause pain and a bit of bleeding. Pressure of the waterpik might be in the medium range or lower.

Google is your friend, search for tonsil stone removal. See which approach is easier for you, short of removing the tonsils.

3. This can be a symptom of SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and there is a breath test for it. You often get that if you have leaky gut. Both conditions require a drastic change of diet. You have to stop feeding the bacteria with carbohydrates otherwise any treatment will be a waste of time.

4. Another problem that is common with those two conditions is low stomachs acid which will not kill the bacteria coming in from food and possible dental infections.

It is possible to go low carb and even keto on a vegan diet so l have heard but if course a lot harder to heal the gut without bone broth. I have read about an awful lot of vegans who go back to a carnivore diet to save their health.

5. Try colloidal silver , spooky also has a device which can make colloidal silver. read about it , it is amazing, it kills more than 650 microbes better than any antibiotic in the market. i tried it myself and it cured colon, diabetes, gum inflammations, restore activity of the body specially for old people , all this is my experience and my friends' with silver , i am sure it will have positive effect on you.

6. MMS Works, though some of the MMS variants such as CDS or CDH may be better suited for mouth rinsing etc. given how abrasive the classic mixture can be on teeth as a result of the high acid content.

That said, I'd agree that MMS products are very effective in cases such as these, so long as the bad breath is localized and not from within. To which I'd add, may be better met with a colloidal silver protocol. Which could run along the lines of; swishing 1 oz, three times per day @ 20ppm of advanced CS for example. Which could then be held in the mouth to treat the fungal infection while slowly allowing the solution to drip down the throat.

That said, I'd also add that these types of treatments alone may not prove sufficient for invasive fungal infections as this may also require the addition of strict dieting to compliment and eradicate the condition through and through.

7. Likely it is a matter of address the root cause.

May need to run Spooky2 for 2-3 weeks. If bacterial issue then you need to run kill sets on white remote. Change the settings every 5-7 days so the bacteria or fungus does not start liking the ripples of running the same waveform or settings. Also, use different harmonics.

Here is the post regarding Overall Dental Health which is a Tip of the Day post:

It has sets and a recommended configuration that uses a harmonic waveform.

Not only did it really improve my families' dental health, but got rid of my daughters bad morning breath.

If I stop the program, it doesn't take long for it to return.

A couple of things you can try besides spooky (and I know this is all about spooky, but bad breath is so distressing, I want to contribute). Drinking lemon juice is very effective for bad breath. Making sure your dental care is impeccable. Going for yearly or 2x yearly cleanings, and flossing every night. Also brushing the tongue helps a lot if the odor is coming from the mouth.

For more details, please check the link:

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