I don't know what to run for hemorroids, someone could suggest me?

1. If you spell it "hemorrhoid", there will be 8 sets in Spooky software to run. If that doesn't do the complete job, you might try some Intestinal sets, or allergy sets.

Whatever and wherever I read about hemorrhoids I remember it said to run it for 10 days. Also consider sets for circulation and varicose veins as that is what a hemorrhoid is.

2. I have been suffering this year with swollen Hemorrhoids (Piles) that protruded out of the Anus and were painful however after only 12 days these have reduced in size by approximately 75%.

The Programs I have used are shown in the attached Preset Photo.
The Photo also includes other Programs that have been included for other issues.


For more details, please check:

3. Treat Hemorrhoids using liver frequencies. There is a connection. You will have to decide which ones.

4. Most of the running time recommendations in the database are for contact treatments. For Remote, just run things 24 hours a day until you see the symptoms subside, or until you determine the program does not work for you.

For more details, please check the link:

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