Has anyone treated anorexia nervosa (using the "eating disorders" program) successfully with an XM Generator? Would I need Spooky Central to get quicker results? Anorexia is a mental illness, can you explain how the frequencies heal?

There's actually quite a lot you can do to heal anorexia, and to help. My honest advice is first to do the Terrain Protocol. When that's done, your daughter will certainly have mineral, vitamin, and trace element deficiencies, and there are sets to assist with these.

Another useful strategy would be to normalize body systems, starting with the endocrine system, CNS and autonomic nervous system, immune system, lymphatic system, etc. Then progress to doing the same for individual organs, working from liver and kidneys to the entire GI tract and all the rest of the organs, then to individual glands, starting with the pituitary and pineal, and working down the body.

Finally, there's the spine to consider: it carries extensions of our brain inside it to every part of our bodies, and it's the central hook on which everything else hangs. Good spinal health is very important. So you might try Spine Problems A=432 CUST. There's a second version, which is based on the original research, named Spine Problems A=440 CUST. Try both, and use whichever produces results.

There are also chakra sets, essential oils, feel-good sets - the possibilities are there waiting.

Detox is also important. Before your daughter's illness, she carried toxins in her body, which, at that time, had much more mass that it does now - which means those toxins are now more concentrated and destructive.

Spooky2 can transmit any frequencies remotely.

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