I have tooth abscess. I've been running in killing /contact mode for 4 days using Dental Abscess(XTRA), Dental and Jawbone Infections 1(EXTRA), then for the next 3 days I switched to using Dental Foci 1(XTRA), Dental Foci(CAFL).

1. Two of my tooth fillings fell out (which is a few months ago). But I don't go to the dentist.

I do regular mouth rinse with MMS (10 drops on 250ml) / DMSO (5% solution with water) and sometimes i use silver colloid as I use PEMF treatments.

PEMF because it is not easy for the current of the normal contact mode to permeate the pine.

It works so far. If I have pain, then because I am negligent with the treatment.

For PEMF I use a unit I build for myself that you can see here:

I also use a ultrasonic toothbrush (real ultrasonic, it works at a frequency of 384 khz) and a toothpaste without Fluor but with Calcium.

2. Hulda Clark advised the use of the Zappicator to zap the bacteria and viruses that are living in the tooth.

Hulda Clark's Zappicator Preset

Hulda Clark's Books & Videos

3. Regarding your tooth abscess in your condition I would recommend you to use H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) food grade in 3% concentration for mouth wash. If you have an email I can send you all the info about H2O2 use.

4. A drop of quality Oil of Oregano in pure water and swish for a while and spit it out.
Pure food grade hydrogen peroxide is what I agree to use with baking soda for cleaning.

Never put floride in my mouth save for the tap water to rinse with...maybe I should use distilled but must shower with tap water so, getting floride and chlorine in the water absorbed through skin.
Some use plain bar soap for teeth.
Sesame seed oil pulling to clear teeth pores out.
Maybe a "Violet Ray" on the side of face? Not breathing but, ozone sprayed into abscess area, or Ozonated water? Ozonated Olive oil applied?

GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract/Citricidal kills bugs dead
Finally take some pus and make a homeopathic remedy of at least 24X.

For more details, please check the link:

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